December 13, 2005

Black Cat: 10

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At the end of last episode we learned that Creed is still alive. Not only that, he’s the leader of the Apostles of the Stars (that would be what Kyouko and Charden are a part of). They’re going to be throwing a festival of sorts (read: kill a bunch of important people) to announce themselves to the world. Train rushes off to face Creed, Sven tries to stop him and again we have delicious fight scenes. Train is back to his brooding self as the mere mention of Creed brings back memories of Saya’s death.

Creed really is the jealous lover type. He killed Saya so she wouldn’t influence Train, and when he sees Eve, Sven, and Rin gathering around Train he looks upon them with disgust and vows to get rid of them as well. He’s desperate to bring Train to his side.

Now, normally I hate opera, but the operatic score that played in the background during this episode was absolutely beautiful and helped contribute to the “something catastrophic is about to happen” kind of mood. I love ALL the background tracks in this show. But I think I’ve said that already.

Black Cat delivered an emotionally powerful episode this time around and even threw in some backstory for Sven too. I’m so glad that the subbers are still putting this out even with the rumour of Funi licensing it floating around. I hope I get to see more episodes, but I guess its fansubbing fate remains to be seen until an official announcement is made.

Black Cat: 9

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Gyanza Rujike is target for today. The Taoists have him on their list and want to give him a flask of Shinkitou, which is the drink that awakens the power of the Tao. Team BlackCat! go after him because Rin wants to get the flask before Gyanza drinks it so she can study it. Oh, and Gyanza’s really pissed at Sven for having captured him “back in the day”

This was a highly entertaining episode. Train’s new demeanor is definitely growing on me as the interactions between him, Sven, and Eve are just priceless. I was also rolling on the floor as Kyouko drooled over Train and kept trying to kiss him, only to have him dodge her and make her kiss a cat instead. (Where does he keep that thing? Ha). And let’s not forget lady Sven and his beautiful dress. He’s so..errr… pretty? I hope he never decides to be a transvesite because the look so doesn’t suit him.

December 3, 2005

Black Cat: 8

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… I don’t think I like the noisy, happy, genki Train.. I miss my melancholy mysterious brooding hero. It’s sooo weird to see him laughing and smiling. It’s going to take me some time to adjust to this..

Anyhoo… this time around we are introducted to two Tao wielders - Charden (who has a ridiculously tall hat, by the way) and his female partner Kyouko. They want to destroy Chronos, and part of their plan is to make people drink this special liquid that will give them taoist powers. Well, that’s one way to recruit! Only problem is their recruits usually end up going psychotic and literally self-destructing.

Our target today is a guy who likes plants a little too much and goes a wee bit nutso when Eve steps on his flowers. Charden and Kyouko had given him a little flask of that liquid earlier, and he takes his opportunity to drink it. Eve tries to fight him on her own, with little success. But in the end Team Black Cat! prevails.

Again, it’s weird to see Train so… animated. I still enjoyed this episode because the interactions between the characters are just so amusing and the action scenes are always lovely to behold. My absolute favourite thing this time around though has got to be the music. I so need this soundtrack.

November 29, 2005

Black Cat: 7

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Alright! So my computer is back up and running. Which means it’s now time to play catch up for downloading/watching and of course - blogging.

How cute was Eve watching the fireworks for the first time? And how gorgeous were those fireworks? I agree with Ten, they were very Gankutsuou-esque and you really can’t go wrong there!

Train tries to deal with his grief by trying to beat the crap out of Creed, and we get to see another beautiful fight sequence made more powerful by the melancholy piano medly and intermittent shots of Saya’s bloody hand. We then see flashbacks of our previously oh-so genki Saya. (Yeah, ok, rub it in more that she’s gone, make it more painful to watch.. hmph.. Though.. a part of me still thinks she’ll be back in later episodes.)

Train either loses the fight or it ends in a draw. In any case, he ends up unconscious and rescued by Sven and Eve. They tend to his wounds and it seems they’re all gonna be teaming up together now, though Even doesn’t trust Train and Train obviously doesn’t want to trust anyone. It works out well though, since they are all on the run from Chronos.

Now, during the fight Creed exclaims, “Those eyes! It’s those eyes!” And during Saya’s flashback scene she comments that Train’s eyes are as beautiful as the fireworks. Is there something special about his eyes? Or is it just that they’re really gorgeous and made not only Saya fall for him, but his obsessive partner too? :-P

November 18, 2005

Black Cat: 6

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Gah, the animation style and direction is just so great, and the movements of the characters so fluid. It’s a treat for the eyes!

What an episode! We get action, gorgeous fight scenes, tension, drama, tender moments between Saya and Train and then… heartbreak! I don’t believe what happened at the end actually happened. Nope, I just don’t believe it. I guess only time will tell.

November 11, 2005

Black Cat: 5

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Train takes out 50 men, but lets one go alive. The spared man watches Train leave and wonders what has changed in this supposed merciless killer.

Later Train broods on a rooftop and asks the singing sweeper girl (did I miss her name or have they not actually told it to us yet?? Gah!) why she does what she does. She replies that she believes it’s the right thing to do. This causes Train to brood some more. But his thoughts are interrupted by a message that he’s to return to headquarters, where he gets into trouble for not killing Eve and for letting the man go at the beginning of the episode.

He’s once again ordered to kill Eve, but instead of accepting the mission he declares that he will do what he feels is right, not necessarily what they order.

This upsets the bossman who retorts, “You are not entitled to any freedom. You are merely our pet cat.” - Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Train picks freedom over orders, and leaves the Chronos Organization.

Train now becomes a target of Chronos, so they send his partner Creed to “persuade” him. The resulting duel is lovely visually, stylistically, musically. It’s so fluid and just.. great.

I love the blues and reds used inside the Chronos building! The operatic style music was also really beautiful. But I think Train’s partner is creepy and oogy and stuff and has many many issues.

Sven/Rin/Eve got a bit of screentime at the beginning, but this episode mostly focused on Train and Chronos, for which I am grateful. I hope eventually we get to see more of how Train came to be part of the organization, and how he turned into a merciless killer. As for now I like how his character is already evolving as the story goes along. He’s making decisions that take him away from a person who blindly follows orders and kills, to one who attempts to consider what is right or wrong before he acts. And you know I’m all about character development!

November 5, 2005

Black Cat: 4

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We pick up where we left off last time - Train on his way to kill Eve, Sven on his way to save her.

Sven is like a Maguyver wannabe with his unconventional ways and his “Operation Here Kitty Kitty.” Ahaha.. He lights some little red balls on fire, which apparently release a form of cat nip that lures dozens of cats to the front gate. The guards come to see what all the noise is about and are overwhelmed by the amount of cats. Sven and Rin take this opportunity to dash through the open gates, only to have Train whiz by them. Rin’s comment amused me, “Because of your Operation Kitty whatever, you’ve lured Black Cat into the mix!”

I thought the scene where Sven chased Train was quite intense. The music, animation, and camera angles really added to the overall effect. I like Sven more now that he’s bent on saving Eve, instead of trying to do a job just to get money so he can eat. As for Eve.. my heart breaks for her. It’s horrible to be told that you’re just a weapon and a demon. I’m glad that Sven wants to treat her like a normal little girl, even though I guess she’s really not. But she looks so sad, and I want to hug her.

In the end, Sven saves Eve and Train makes the decision to go against orders and not kill her, though it seems that since the laboratory was destroyed his superiors have decided that the mission was a success. I wonder if they know he didn’t kill Eve? I guess we’ll find out.

October 28, 2005

Black Cat: 3

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I really really like the background music/sounds/whatever you wanna call them for Black Cat. They totally add to the slick and cool atmosphere of the show.

The little blonde girl, Eve, is a bit off methinks. I guess it comes from being the “ultimate bioweapon”, albeit an incomplete one. I wonder if Train was ordered to kill her simply because she’s a weapon, or for some other reason. I also wanna know what the heck Sven all has in that briefcase. It’s as handy as Batman’s belt!

“Elena” is forced to come clean about her identity, since Sven has already figured out that Eve is not her sister and that her actual name is Rinslet Walker, or Rin. Turns out Rin just wants the data on Eve so she can sell it to the military.

Train struggles with the concept of being Chronos’ dog. Sven and Eve end up spending time together in the park and many cute moments ensue. Sven also develops a soft spot for her and makes it his personal mission to save her, especially since he promised her in the park that he’d take her out to eat.

Enjoyable episode, especially the simultaneous conversations between Train/whatever that guy’s name is and Rin/Sven. The scenes between Sven and Eve were also ultra kawaii! I’m enjoying the mix of action, drama, and comedy in Black Cat so far, though I fear that it’s just not exciting enough to hold my interest for long. I hope an overriding story thread starts to develop soon.

October 20, 2005

Black Cat: 2

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I am a freaking MORON! I somehow managed to overwrite my giant Black Cat 1 post, and have no idea if it’s even possible to ever get it back. *Bangs head on desk*. This is why I shouldn’t post while I’m sick. grrrrrrrrr.

I still really really like the OP. Anyone know when the single is coming out? *check’s Omni’s site* Yatta! November 2nd!

The singing girl, who is a sweeper like Sven, is kinda crazy. When she first sang I thought her character was going to be all mysterious and stuff, but she’s actually rather spacey. Spacey, but kickass. Anyway, Train more than fills the mysterious/brooding bill so we don’t need *two* characters like that or the whole series might just be [insert character name] stares moodily off into the distance. Perhaps she will balance him out a bit.

I enjoyed the interactions between Sven and the waitress, and giggled immensely when she called him an old man. Poor Sven can’t catch a break. He’s got no money for food, and all the sweeper jobs get taken right from under his nose.

That is until the well endowed blonde lady who calls herself Elena, but is really named Rin and doesn’t even have blonde hair, comes in and he ends up saving her from the other sweepers (because they’re pigs) and then she hires him to help her with the job she has: Her sister’s been kidnapped by Torneo Ludman, a weapon’s dealer who was at the party for Lib.

We also get an interesting interaction between Train and the singing sweeper girl. “Guns are killing tools,” he says. “Depends on how you use them,” says she. I’m sure this theme/difference between Train’s job and that of a sweeper will be explored more as the series goes on, and I look forward to it.

I’m really enjoying Black Cat, probably more so than others because I haven’t read the manga. I like the animation, the character designs, the music, the characters and the plot so far.

October 9, 2005

Black Cat: 1

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We start out with a fight between a boy with glowing eyes and a man with white hair.


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