December 3, 2005

Black Cat: 8

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… I don’t think I like the noisy, happy, genki Train.. I miss my melancholy mysterious brooding hero. It’s sooo weird to see him laughing and smiling. It’s going to take me some time to adjust to this..

Anyhoo… this time around we are introducted to two Tao wielders - Charden (who has a ridiculously tall hat, by the way) and his female partner Kyouko. They want to destroy Chronos, and part of their plan is to make people drink this special liquid that will give them taoist powers. Well, that’s one way to recruit! Only problem is their recruits usually end up going psychotic and literally self-destructing.

Our target today is a guy who likes plants a little too much and goes a wee bit nutso when Eve steps on his flowers. Charden and Kyouko had given him a little flask of that liquid earlier, and he takes his opportunity to drink it. Eve tries to fight him on her own, with little success. But in the end Team Black Cat! prevails.

Again, it’s weird to see Train so… animated. I still enjoyed this episode because the interactions between the characters are just so amusing and the action scenes are always lovely to behold. My absolute favourite thing this time around though has got to be the music. I so need this soundtrack.

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  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    Yeah, the character transition from brooding Train to cheery Train was a bit sudden. From two episodes covers a span of six months. I guess those six months did wonders on Train. I would like to see the progression though.

  2. Chi Says:

    Fans of the manga would’ve been expecting this change for a while now. Besides, the way I see it, Train’s honoring Saya’s memory, not by being dark and broody, but by acting the way she would’ve acted. :P

  3. psgels Says:

    I guess we’re all surprised at the change in train in only six months. Something really incredible must’ve happened to him during that time. I guess we get the answer to that in one of the next episodes. I’m not really fond of the two new bad guy’s either. As for now, they just seem hungry for power.

  4. crimson Says:

    yeah, black cat will be even better if they could present cat’s transition from moody to open in a more natural manner. But if we assume cat to be as psychotic as the rose guy, it’s acceptable! hahaha!

    I think he was still find while lying on the bed. The sudden character change occurs when he went to save nano gal from the wire guy, near the end part where he calls nano gal to finish with the mallet. I think it means those (robot war with its non decorated dialogue) cartoons he’s been watching while lying on bed had a big impact on him.

    Later on, i guess guy with hat’s lecture and confession that it was nano girl who saved cat’s nine lives resulted in some drastic behavioural changes.

  5. Phoenix512 Says:

    Crimson, do you even know the character’s names? Let me help you on this.

    Cat = Train
    Guy with Hat = Sven
    Nano Girl = Eve
    Wire Guy = Jenos Hazard
    Thief Girl = Rinslet
    Rose Guy = Creed

  6. crimson Says:

    thanks man, i was writting that post very late yesterday..someone not 1 name (except jenos) came to mind :P

  7. crimson Says:

    argh, typo.. writing … someone = somehow.

    i guess one other reason is that mai otome is all over my head :D

  8. Sakuya Says:

    Well, I like the happy Train xP
    Ok, cold Train was kinda cool, but I read
    the manga before so it seems strange to me watch
    Train so serious.

  9. Rayna Says:

    I want the soundtrack. I would pay REALLY good money to get it. D:

    Anywhoz, I think Train’s kind of honoring Saya’s memory by living the way he wants to. He’s not gonna brood and be all emo (although it was rather hot

  10. Just in Passing Says:


    I know what you mean about the music, I especially like the music for the fight scene between ‘plant man’ and Eve.

    HOWEVER- If that is the song you like, I must inform you, I have the OST and it is nowhere to be found! I hate it! The same song can be heard in episode 17 as well and yet it isn’t on the soundtrack. If that’s not the music you like, though, then I see no reason not to get the soundtrack…good stuff. I just have to warn you.

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