November 5, 2005

Black Cat: 4

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We pick up where we left off last time - Train on his way to kill Eve, Sven on his way to save her.

Sven is like a Maguyver wannabe with his unconventional ways and his “Operation Here Kitty Kitty.” Ahaha.. He lights some little red balls on fire, which apparently release a form of cat nip that lures dozens of cats to the front gate. The guards come to see what all the noise is about and are overwhelmed by the amount of cats. Sven and Rin take this opportunity to dash through the open gates, only to have Train whiz by them. Rin’s comment amused me, “Because of your Operation Kitty whatever, you’ve lured Black Cat into the mix!”

I thought the scene where Sven chased Train was quite intense. The music, animation, and camera angles really added to the overall effect. I like Sven more now that he’s bent on saving Eve, instead of trying to do a job just to get money so he can eat. As for Eve.. my heart breaks for her. It’s horrible to be told that you’re just a weapon and a demon. I’m glad that Sven wants to treat her like a normal little girl, even though I guess she’s really not. But she looks so sad, and I want to hug her.

In the end, Sven saves Eve and Train makes the decision to go against orders and not kill her, though it seems that since the laboratory was destroyed his superiors have decided that the mission was a success. I wonder if they know he didn’t kill Eve? I guess we’ll find out.

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