June 23, 2005

Oh Happy Day! Part 2

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Well well, when I got home from work today look what was waiting for me:

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It’s a great thing when you get two anime packages in one day :D

Oh Happy Day!

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In the mail today:

Otogi zoshi Vol. 1 + Artbox + T-shirt
Last Exile Flight Pack Vols. 1-4
Gunslinger Girl Vol 1. + Artbox + poster

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June 18, 2005

Futago Hime 4

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Super cute! I adored the scenes of Fine and Rain as little toddlers. I didn’t know it was possible for them to be even more kawaii! What can I say about this series besides the fact that it’s so adorable? If you want a play by play recap of the episode, head on over to Matthew’s blog. I’m not going to bother with that here.

All I’ll say is that when you really need something cheerful and sweet and innocent to brighten your day, Futago Hime is the perfect choice.

Kenshin 95 -End

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Well well, I finally made it to the end of Rurouni Kenshin. I agree with so many others that the third season did not surpass the second, it didn’t even come close to meeting it in quality. But…

June 15, 2005

Basilisk 9

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Woohoo new ending!! (Ok I realized later this wasn’t a new ending at all, but it was the first time I’d taken notice of it. hahahaha.. YES my hair is naturally blonde @_@)

Gennosuke is given the ninja scroll. As he’s reading over it, a large group of the Iga rush up to the three Kouga.

We then see Oboro, as she stares at Okoi’s dead body in horror and then runs out of the salt shed to find Gennosuke.


Basilisk 8

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For a great write-up on Basilik 8 and some lovely screencaps, head on over to Itsumo Anime Blog

I will have some screencaps for Ep 9 and whatever sort of write up after watching a raw that I can muster. (I don’t know Japanese at all :S )

More stuff!

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Recent additions to my collection include four Ceres dvds, a Rukia keychain, and an ultra-kawaii figure of Tomoyo-chan!

Ceres Vols. 3 & 4
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Ceres Vols. 6 & 8

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My keychain and Tomoyo figure!

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June 12, 2005 Forums!

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That’s right, you heard me - now has its very own forums! So go there, sign up, chat with us and stuff! C’mon, you know you want to.


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As you all probably know, Funimation has licenced Baslisk, therefore both Ani-Kraze and IYF have dropped the show. *sniff* Don’t these companies know I’m a horribly impatient person? And now they expect me to WAIT until they release all of the dvds for me to see the end? Ah well. Basilisk is definitely on my ever growing “must have” list! Great job sneaky Funimation, you’ll have some more of my money very soon :P.

June 10, 2005

Out of Control?

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I think I need help. This is a list of the things I’m currently waiting to receive in the mail:

Ayashi No Ceres Vol. 3
Ayashi No Ceres Vol. 4
Ayashi No Ceres Vol. 6
Ayashi No Ceres Vol. 8

Kiddy Grade Vol. 3
Kiddy Grade Vol. 4

Gunslinger Girl Vol. 1 + Artbox + Poster (backordered)
Otogizoushi Vol. 1 + Artbox + Tshirt (backordered too)
Last Exile Vols. 1-4 (Again, backordered.. wahhhh)

Kare Kano Vols. 1-5

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