October 20, 2005

Black Cat: 2

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I am a freaking MORON! I somehow managed to overwrite my giant Black Cat 1 post, and have no idea if it’s even possible to ever get it back. *Bangs head on desk*. This is why I shouldn’t post while I’m sick. grrrrrrrrr.

I still really really like the OP. Anyone know when the single is coming out? *check’s Omni’s site* Yatta! November 2nd!

The singing girl, who is a sweeper like Sven, is kinda crazy. When she first sang I thought her character was going to be all mysterious and stuff, but she’s actually rather spacey. Spacey, but kickass. Anyway, Train more than fills the mysterious/brooding bill so we don’t need *two* characters like that or the whole series might just be [insert character name] stares moodily off into the distance. Perhaps she will balance him out a bit.

I enjoyed the interactions between Sven and the waitress, and giggled immensely when she called him an old man. Poor Sven can’t catch a break. He’s got no money for food, and all the sweeper jobs get taken right from under his nose.

That is until the well endowed blonde lady who calls herself Elena, but is really named Rin and doesn’t even have blonde hair, comes in and he ends up saving her from the other sweepers (because they’re pigs) and then she hires him to help her with the job she has: Her sister’s been kidnapped by Torneo Ludman, a weapon’s dealer who was at the party for Lib.

We also get an interesting interaction between Train and the singing sweeper girl. “Guns are killing tools,” he says. “Depends on how you use them,” says she. I’m sure this theme/difference between Train’s job and that of a sweeper will be explored more as the series goes on, and I look forward to it.

I’m really enjoying Black Cat, probably more so than others because I haven’t read the manga. I like the animation, the character designs, the music, the characters and the plot so far.

7 Responses to “Black Cat: 2”

  1. KT Kore Says:

    Here’s the Google cache for your Black Cat 01 entry.

  2. Ren Says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. crimson Says:

    í’m downloading this.

    A “i pretty much like the OP” comment is usually enough to stir my interest towards an anime :P

    And seeing it to be affliated to gonzo, i guess it can be quite a ride.

  4. Ren Says:

    Pretty much like it? I LOVE the OP. Hands down I think it’s just plain cool.

    Ps. KT is still my hero.

  5. problematic404 Says:

    Haha if you truly love him click here!

  6. KT Kore Says:

    lol, you mustn’t click there or else you too will be sucked into the madness!

  7. Problematic Says:

    There is no madness, click now! Haha you are such a kidder KT Kore *KT you do know I can edit your comments once again*!

    Ren he is a proud member of the club! :D

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