September 5, 2006

Another fall season post thingy

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First of all I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome back to the anime blogging community. It’s great to be back! I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to do things from now on and have come to a couple of conclusions.

Since I don’t blog raw, people really can’t be dependent on my writeups to understand the series I talk about. Therefore, I don’t think it’s really necessary for me to talk about every single episode of a series.

Along that same line of thought, I often find it really tedious to post about each and every episode, and if I end up getting even a little bit behind I start to feel overwhelmed and even less motivated.

This certainly makes me respect those bloggers out there who are so dedicated to the series they follow. You guys amaze me!

So from now on, no matter what I’m watching, if an episode really stands out to me and gets me really excited for whatever reason, that’s what I’m going to write about. Hopefully my girlish gushing will be enough to get people interested in a series I’m watching and go check it out themselves. I guess we’ll see if that works. ^^

Let’s start things off with a list of fall shows that have piqued my interest.

Red Garden

A bunch of girls find out that they’re dead, or something like that. I’m not actually too sure what this series is about, but I liked the trailer I watched despite the fact that I couldn’t understand it. I just get a really mysterious vibe from this one. And I happily admit to loving Gonzo, so I will check out pretty much anything they put out there.

Jigoku Shoujo Ni Kago

More Enma Ai! *Squeals with glee* I really hope they explore more of her past, or more about her grandmother, and definitely more about her crew. But even if it’s episodic again I’ll still be happy because I just love Ai and her associates.

Kanon remake

Really, who isn’t excited about this? Not only do we get all of the horrid animation of the original series bumped up a million notches to the level it should have been, but we get 26 episodes for a more fleshed out story. I can’t wait!

Galaxy Railways 2

I <3 Leiji Matsumoto. That is all.

These three series have me the most excited. Others that I’m definitely going to check out include Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, Death Note (though I’m praying it’s not gonna be long and drawn out like Bleach or Naruto or any of those series that go over 50 episodes), Black Blood Brothers (I’m a sucker - pun intended - for vampire shows, so sue me), and D. Gray Man.

So you can expect random posts about random episodes of any of the above series.

September 3, 2006


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Wow, was my last post really in May? O_O. How time flies…

I really want to pick up blogging again because I sure have missed it, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do things like I used to. I think a few changes are in order so I don’t feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Anyway, a big hello to all my fellow bloggers. I’ve missed you guys too!

More posts coming soon! (hopefully)