October 28, 2005

Black Cat: 3

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I really really like the background music/sounds/whatever you wanna call them for Black Cat. They totally add to the slick and cool atmosphere of the show.

The little blonde girl, Eve, is a bit off methinks. I guess it comes from being the “ultimate bioweapon”, albeit an incomplete one. I wonder if Train was ordered to kill her simply because she’s a weapon, or for some other reason. I also wanna know what the heck Sven all has in that briefcase. It’s as handy as Batman’s belt!

“Elena” is forced to come clean about her identity, since Sven has already figured out that Eve is not her sister and that her actual name is Rinslet Walker, or Rin. Turns out Rin just wants the data on Eve so she can sell it to the military.

Train struggles with the concept of being Chronos’ dog. Sven and Eve end up spending time together in the park and many cute moments ensue. Sven also develops a soft spot for her and makes it his personal mission to save her, especially since he promised her in the park that he’d take her out to eat.

Enjoyable episode, especially the simultaneous conversations between Train/whatever that guy’s name is and Rin/Sven. The scenes between Sven and Eve were also ultra kawaii! I’m enjoying the mix of action, drama, and comedy in Black Cat so far, though I fear that it’s just not exciting enough to hold my interest for long. I hope an overriding story thread starts to develop soon.

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