May 31, 2005

FMP: The Second Raid

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A#$#$%&*((%$%@#$%$&%^!!!!!! I WANNA SEE THIS TOO!!!!

Ha, some engrishy goodness: *salutes* Aye Aye, I look forward it muchly Sir!

May 28, 2005

A Kenshin Moment

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I am soo glad that I picked up watching Kenshin again. Season 2 is much more serious than Season 1, and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Kenshin’s goodbye to Kaoru in episode 31 was absolutely beautiful and powerful, and moved me to tears. It will forever remain one of my all time favourite anime moments.

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Futago Hime 3

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Today we start off with the twins hiding from Camelot under their bed avoid studying. Once the coast is clear it’s back to the Flame Kingdom to meet the ultra-kawaii Princess Leonne!

Fine and Rain are introduced to Leonne’s parents and brother. Lol, her brother and dad are kinda scary. Enthusiastic, but well meaning I suppose. :P

It ends up snowing, which of course being the Flame Kingdom is not normal! Leonne’s father decides that the problem is the dragon inside the volcano and that something must be done.

They go to get rid of the dragon, but it turns out the dragon was sick and that’s why all he could spout was smoke instead of fire to keep the kingdom warm. Fine and Rain, with the help of Leonne, help the dragon and the Flame Kingdom is restored!

Fine and Rain’s transformation sequence is just too cute! Man, I wish I could just say a few words and have my hair perfectly curled and find myself in a pretty dress. It would save me soo much time in the morning.

*Gives in a shot* Ran Ran….Ren?

Darn, still in my pjs and my hair’s a mess. Guess I’ll have to stick to the old fashioned way.

May 26, 2005

Karas Preview

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@#F$%&;!%^&3#@$!!! I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!!

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May 25, 2005

Basilisk 6

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The Iga ninjas decided to kill Gennosuke since the Kouga now know of their actions.

They stumble upon Okoi and watch her from the bushes, then surround her. Tenzen slyly gets her to tell them her name so he can determine if she’s one of the ninjas on the scroll. When they find out she is, Nenki goes after her (using his hair in a very George of the Jungle type way), captures her, and they imprison her at the Iga camp for interrogation later.

Back at the Kouga camp, there’s some disagreement over how to handle the situation. Gyoubu wants to attack the Iga, but Hyouma disagrees and says that they will investigate them instead as Hyouma suspects that the peace treaty has been broken.

Later on it is confirmed that the peace treaty has indeed been broken, and two of the Kouga (Gyoubu and another guy whose name escape me at the moment) plan to sneak into the Iga camp to tell Gennosuke the news and save him from the Iga.

Again we go back to the Iga camp, where Gennosuke and Oboro are visiting Ogen’s garden. Oboro tells Gennosuke that the scout she sent out came back reporting that everyone is fine, but Gennosuke still seems worried.

We later find out that all of the people that Oboro would possibly choose as scouts were “warned beforehand.”

Interesting episode. The animation quality was definitely better than in ep 5, though still lacking in some spots. I know I skipped over a lot of stuff that went on, but I’m just not very good at writing play-by-plays :P.

I’m still very much enjoying Basilisk, though I hope Gennosuke and Oboro being in the dark about the peace treaty doesn’t last too much longer. AND! I want to know if Gennosuke really does love her or if he’s just using her.

May 23, 2005

Basilisk 5

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We start off at the Kouga camp. At Danjou Kouga’s mansion Hyouma, Gyobu and Kagero meet and discuss Gennosuke’s absence. Kagero is visibly upset that he’s been gone so long and worries about him being in the Iga camp.

Hyouma basically tells her to knock it off and states that Gennosuke’s decision will benefit them in the long run. Gyobu doesn’t believe that Hyouma is as confident in Gennosuke as he claims and Hyouma admits that he’s not entirely convinced but wants to believe in Gennosuke.

Then Kagero says something very interesting, ” for a peace that nobody desires, he’s with a girl he doesn’t even like.”

Kagero then expresses a desire to kill Oboro, as she is the head of the Iga. But I wonder if that’s her only reason for wanting Oboro dead..

After some deliberation they decide to send someone to check on Gennosuke, and an mannish woman named Okoi is given the job.

Back at the Iga camp, Gennosuke wonders where Jousuke is. Akeginu tells Oboro and Gennosuke that Jousuke kept coming to her room during the night, and that she told him she’s “not into fat people” and that he got upset and ran off.

A group of the Iga ninjas go to the Kouga camp to take them by surprise, but they are detected and the Kouga are ready for them before they get there.

They’re surrounded by the kouga, Tenzen tells the Kouga that they are messengers that Gennosuke sent from the Iga camp. But the Kouga are not quick to believe them, and they are ordered by be arrested.

A big brawl breaks out, with the Iga group kicking some serious ass and sending the blood a-flyin.

One of the Iga, I can’t remember his name right now makes a “high speed wind vacuum” that makes people’s heads explode!!!

Hyouma shows up and abruptly stops the fight. Tenzen maintains that they only fought in self defense, but then declares that if the Kougra try to come to Iga and get revenge, they’ll kill Gennosuke.

Back to Iga..,

Gennosuke and Oboro visit Ogen’s garden. He asks her to send a messenger to Kouga to make sure that Jousuke is ok. Oboro remembers what she saw the other night. It’s been a while since I saw episode four… does she know that he’s dead or does she only suspect it? I can’t remember. In the end, Oboro promises to send a messenger right away.

Great episode, though the animation was of far lower quality than usual. FAR lower. I hope this doesn’t continue.

The tension continues to build. I wonder how much longer we will have to wait until all bets are off and Gennosuke and Oboro find out that their people are killing each other.

I also am curious about Kagero’s comment. Does Gennosuke actually love Oboro, or is he using her? I certainly hope it’s the former.

May 20, 2005

Futago Hime 1 & 2

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(Caps are only from ep 2)

Ok, I’ve put this off way too long so I’m just gonna chug through it even though I have a million others things to do that I should be focusing on.

Two words describe this series: SUPER CUTE!!

When Matthew started gushing about this series I basically ignored him :P. I’m not usually drawn to cutesy series, and usually gravitate towards stuff that is a bit more serious or has the potential for a deep and moving storyline. But he kept gushing, so much so that he took it upon himself to sub the first two episodes himself. Even though I didn’t have any interest in the series I helped out with distroing the eps.

And then I was sitting here one day and figured since they were sitting on my hard drive I might as well give them a shot.

And now.. I want more!! The princesses are soooooooooo kawaii. I want to hug them and squish them! Hehe. And even if the story is simplisitic, it’s still just plain fun to watch. I encourage everyone to check Futago Hime out. You might get a few cavaties, but they’ll be well worth it.

May 13, 2005

Basilisk 4

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Episode 4 takes us inside the Iga village. It’s obvious the Iga aren’t exactly ecstatic about having Kouga members inside their camp. The scene where they’re all sitting together is incredibly tense. Gennosuke and Oboro try to relax everyone, he plays beautiful flute music which she dances. Ahh a lovely scene. My favourite parts of this episode were the incredibly cute scenes between Gennosuke and Oboro. They’re adorable! I want to pinch their cheeks ^_^ heh.

But man, Jousuke is disgusting. Warring ninja factions aside, I woulda tried to kill him too if he kept coming on to me all the time like he did with Akeginu. Not to mention that he is basically rubber and can squeeze through iron bars and plop out the other side like a huge lump of blubber.

So we get to see more fighting between the ninjas, while Gennosuke and Oboro remain ignorant. I don’t think it will be much longer until they find out though.

How much longer till episode 5??

May 6, 2005

Basilisk 3

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Basilisk rules!!

Yes yes I know I missed Basilisk 2, but oh well.

I realize it’s taken me way too long to get to this. And by now it’s been too long since I’ve seen the episode to do a very long writeup on it. But I just have to say that I am continually impressed with Basilisk. I’m engrossed in the plot and can’t wait to see how it develops. We have our two factions, who were forced into peace by a couple with good intentions so long ago. Now that is all undone, and the frictions that have laid under the surface are showing themselves. And with a “good guy” leading each side - Oboro on one, her love Gennosuke on the other, (who are just like their grandparents who sought peace between the groups) it’s really hard to predict which side will “win”.

The fact that Oboro and Gennosuke are still in the dark about what’s going on is amazing! I can only imagine that things will get more intense when they find out.

Bring on episode 4!

ps.. I love Basilisk has the most beautiful characters and the ugliest ones I’ve ever seen - all in one show! lol.

May 4, 2005

Glass Mask 2

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Glass Mask 2

It’s so obvious that Maya longs to be on stage. After the play is over she stays just sitting in her chair, watching the stage and daydreaming, while that weird lady in black watches her from a distance.

Unfortunately, after the escape of the play she has to return to her every day life where she feels belittled and out of place.

You know, I’d be totally weirded out if some lady came up to me like the lady in black did to Maya in the park in episode 1. I sure as heck would’ve run screaming just like Maya did. How much weirder is it to find out she ordered ramen just so you could come over, and then she has you recite lines from the play for her.. and when you try to leave she tells you not to go because she’s really come to like you @-@.. Dude. I’d so be out of there.

But of course she coerces Maya to stay by playing on Maya’s weakness - she loves to perform.

I have concluded that the lady in black is crazy and she scares me. Lol

Moving on to other things… at school Maya’s class is going to be putting on a play. It seems at least there she has some supporters as her classmates eagerly nominate Maya to be in the play.

When Maya tells her mom about the play, she initially expresses interest in seeing Maya perform, but my alarm bells went off when her mom tried to get out of going by saying she had nothing to wear. Maya finally convinces her, and asks her to bring her favourite lunch when she comes.

Maya ends up getting the role of a plain, poor girl. The lady in black tells her that this is the hardest role in the play, but “If it’s you, I think it can be done.” Even though I am glad that the woman is encouraging Maya (yeah, I realize I have to work on remembering her name lol), and her advice is true in the world of acting, I can’t help but be sad that Maya is being encouraged to “be someone else.”

“You must forget yourself…” she is told. Maybe I’m too soft hearted, but that just makes me want to jump up and hug Maya and say, “yes, while you’re acting that might help, but never forget that you are sweet and wonderful and valuable!” Haha.. maybe I should be a therapist.

Argh!! I just have to rant and rave about her mother now. With lines like this, “The number one fool of the country huh? It’s as expected. My daughter couldn’t possibly do a real role.” I want to punch her in the face!! How dare she be ashamed of Maya because she’s playing a fool in the play? It’s just a role! It doesn’t mean Maya is a fool too. It doesn’t mean Maya isn’t as good as her classmates. Support her no matter how big or small her role is!! Ugh!!

Maya is desperately seeking affirmation from her mother, and even makes a promise not to “shame”her, but of course her mom ignores all of these cries.

Taking the advice of the lady in black, Maya tries to play her character seriously, but she is reprimanded by the teacher and told to make it funnier - basically dumbing it down and making it harder for people to take Maya seriously as an actress. She gives in and does what he says. Man, hearing her say “I want to die” as if it’s a joke, so did not sit well with me.

Andddd of course her mom doesn’t show up at the play. She sends along Maya’s lunch with the boss’s daughter, who doesn’t deliver it.

As the curtain rises and the play begins, we see that the lady in black has come to see Maya’s performance.

The words, “If it is you, I think you can do it” echo in Maya’s head as the episode ends.

Final thoughts: Yay! I love this show! Bring on the drama!

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