October 29, 2005

Recent haul

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I’ve finally managed to have a few minutes where I’m not feeling lazy, so I’ve taken some pictures of the DVDs I’ve recently acquired.

First off is my TSRI birthday order, woohoo! My boss generously gave me an $80.00 gift certificate for my birthday and this is what I spent it on:

Birthday Loot!

Kino’s Journey Vol 1 + Artbox
Kino’s Journey Vol 2
Kino’s Journey Vol 3
Kino’s Journey Vol 4
Chobits Vol 1 & 2
Chobits Vol 1 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 1 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 1 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 2 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 2 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 2 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 3 & 4
Chobits Vol 3 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 3 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 3 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 4 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 4 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 4 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 5 & 6
Chobits Vol 5 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 5 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 5 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 6 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 6 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 6 Insert Image Side 2

My second order was one I made on ADV’s website back in JULY. I had problems placing the order, and then had to wait a million years to get the order, and then one of the DVDs they sent me is wrong and I’m having problems getting them to fix it. Ugh! Never ordering directly from them again. Anyhoo… this time around we have:

Image hosted by

Samurai X - Trust
Samurai X - Betrayal
Generator Gawl

Generator Gawl was sent free with my order. What the heck is it? It looks stupid (probably why it’s free), but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. (Edit: I watched most of the first episode. Blah animation, blah characters, blah everything. It sucked. But I think I have a table that needs a little propping up…)

And finally, Gankutsuou was released early! Yatta! So Thursday I got my Vol 1 + Artbox and it’s just absolutely stunning. I’m so happy with it. I also got the final two volumes of Chrono Crusade. I’ve already changed them to the reversible covers and I didn’t take pictures of the regular ones, but you can find those anywhere:P.

Image hosted by

Gankutsuou Vol 1 reversible cover
Gankutsuou DVD 1
Gankutsuou Artbox side 1
Gankutsuou Artbox side 2
Gankutsuou Artbox side 3
Chrono Crusade Vol 6 reversible cover
Chrono Crusade Vol 6 insert image
Chrono Crusade Vol 7 reversible cover
Chrono Crusade Vol 7 insert image
Takuhai manga magazine front cover
Takuhai manga magazine back cover

Right now I have Gankutsuou on its reversible cover, just for picture purposes, but I think I’ll change it back to the ultra-cool count cover. Bah, I just can’t decide!

Included in this order was a free copy of Tokyopop’s new magazine called Takuhai. I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet though. Oh, and they also (woohoo go TSRI) sent me a DVD that has the first two episodes of Samurai 7 on it, an episode of Bakuretsu Tenshi, and an episode of Kiddy Grade. It was quite the lovely package!

p.s. this post took me forever, so if you could like… clap for me.. or something, that’d be great. haha.

October 11, 2005

I’m in love with the postman

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So here they are, pics of the first of my birthday orders that arrived in the mail today. What we have is Portrait de Petite Cossette, a Yuzuki figure, and Vols 5 & 6 of Last Exile (thereby completing my collection of the series). You will also notice pics of some Mai Hime figures that I won off eBay and received quite some time ago, but was too lazy to post.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Cossette comes with a reversible cover, seen here:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And a reversible poster too!

Image hosted by  Image hosted by

Bah, some of the pictures turned out blurry, but I’m too lazy to re-take them. Oh well.. Now, to go explore the DVDs…

September 27, 2005


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Today I finally put in my birthday anime order from TSRI and Discount Anime Dvd.

Soon to be gracing my shelves will be:

Chobits Box 1
Chobits Box 2
Kino’s Journey Vol. 1 + Artbox (Yes Moy, I too fell prey to TSRI’s steal of a deal)
Kino’s Journey Vol. 2
Kino’s Journey Vol. 3
Kino’s Journey Vol. 4

*Takes a breath* Thennnnnnnnnn:

Portrait de Petite Cossette
Last Exile Vol. 5
Last Exile Vol. 6
and finally, a lovely figure of Yuzuki from Chobits.

I will have pictures when the items actually arrive.

These orders, plus one I have at TSRI that’s just waiting for Gankutsuou Vol. 1 to be released, will mark the end of my anime spending for a few months. Winter is coming, and winter here in Manitoba means the bicycle goes in the basement and I have to spend $80.00/month for a bus pass, an extra $100.00/month for heating costs, and of course.. that holiday that forces you to think of someone besides yourself: Christmas. Add in a couple of other new expenses that will be starting next month, and you’ve got one Ren who just can’t fit anime into her budget for a while.

Ahh well, I’ll have plenty to console myself with until spring!

September 26, 2005

It’s so huge!

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Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

I have acquired the first of my birthday anime loot: Scrapped Princess Vol. 2 Limited Edition with the Raquel figure. Holy crap that thing is MASSIVE. She could squish Barbie like a little bug.

(Click on the pictures for the full versions)

September 17, 2005

Mmmm poverty

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Last Exile Vol 7
Kiddy Grade Vol 7
Gunslinger Girl Vol 2
Gunslinger Girl Vol 3
Noir Vol 3
Noir Vol 5
Noir Vol 7

The Noir volumes were a steal of a deal from the Right Stuf bargain bin at 7 bucks a piece. I got Last Exile and Kiddy Grade previously viewed from AnimeNation for 10 bucks a pop. Not too shabby! The only problem I had was GETTING my order from AnimeNation. It supposedly shipped on July 9, and I only got it two days ago! Dunno if I will order from them again.

Gunslinger Girl Vol 2 reversible cover:

Gunslinger Girl Vol 3 reversible cover:

September 5, 2005

Weekend stuff

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Over the weekend I picked up a few more volumes of manga. Vols 4 & 5 of Kare Kano and Vol 3 of Chrono Crusade, to be exact.

September 1, 2005

Looty Mc Looterson

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My latest order from Rightstuf came today: The Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection. It’s six dvds in one box that’s made to look like a book. As a little extra you get three collector pins inside a cute little cofffin box.. lol. I also took a bike ride down to Comics America and picked up an ultra kawaii Chii figure.

August 18, 2005

I have no self control

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This weekend when I was at Ai-kon I was perusing the program. On the very back was an advertisement for a comic book store here in Winnipeg which claimed to have “one of the best selections of anime & manga anywhere.” I was a little skeptical. In these parts I’ve found it hard to find stores that actually have an extensive selection of anime and/or manga. However, I was super bored today after work so I decided to get out the ole Mud Dawg (that would be my bike.. yes, it has a name, and yes, it’s Mud ‘Dawg’.. don’t ask…) and bike the measly 4km’s to the store.

Oh man… they weren’t kidding. Shelves and shelves and yet more shelves of manga! Rows of anime! Magazines (including Newtype, Protoculture Addicts, Shounen Jump etc.) and artbooks! Action figures and toys! My jaw hit the floor. I think I drooled. I know I wet myself a bit. (Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have admitted that..) All of this in my very own hick-city-in-a-prairie-province, Winnipeg!

I have found my new mecca. And of course I couldn’t resist BUYING stuff, even though I already spent a ton of cash in Europe and at Ai-Kon. So I picked up some manga. Specifically, Chrono Crusade Vols. 1 & 2, and Saikano Vols 4 & 5.

(I had to give my brother his digital camera back since *he’s* now in Europe, so all I can post are some stock photos. Ah well.. if I can stop buying manga I’ll eventually have enough money to buy my own camera…^_^v)

August 14, 2005

And yet more stuff!

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Ai-kon has ended for one more year, and on the final day I made one more stop to the dealer’s room and picked up a couple of back issues of NewType at a fabulously low price.

Can’t wait till next year!

August 13, 2005

A little poorer, a lot happier

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Well, you can send me all the way to Europe but you can’t stop me from buying anime/manga while I’m there. Heh. Here’s what I picked up in Amsterdam:

Day 2 of Ai-Kon is underway. (I missed day 1 because my flight home was delayed so I got in too late). I browsed through the dealer’s room and ended up getting a couple of posters, 2 for $5.00!!, and the first three volumes of the Kare Kano manga. I still have a bit of money left, so I might go back and get volumes four and five of Kare Kano tomorrow.

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