December 13, 2005

Black Cat: 10

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At the end of last episode we learned that Creed is still alive. Not only that, he’s the leader of the Apostles of the Stars (that would be what Kyouko and Charden are a part of). They’re going to be throwing a festival of sorts (read: kill a bunch of important people) to announce themselves to the world. Train rushes off to face Creed, Sven tries to stop him and again we have delicious fight scenes. Train is back to his brooding self as the mere mention of Creed brings back memories of Saya’s death.

Creed really is the jealous lover type. He killed Saya so she wouldn’t influence Train, and when he sees Eve, Sven, and Rin gathering around Train he looks upon them with disgust and vows to get rid of them as well. He’s desperate to bring Train to his side.

Now, normally I hate opera, but the operatic score that played in the background during this episode was absolutely beautiful and helped contribute to the “something catastrophic is about to happen” kind of mood. I love ALL the background tracks in this show. But I think I’ve said that already.

Black Cat delivered an emotionally powerful episode this time around and even threw in some backstory for Sven too. I’m so glad that the subbers are still putting this out even with the rumour of Funi licensing it floating around. I hope I get to see more episodes, but I guess its fansubbing fate remains to be seen until an official announcement is made.

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  1. crimson Says:

    creed….seems to fulfill the role of a…possessive and psychotic…opposite-of-hetero lover.

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