December 13, 2005

Black Cat: 9

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Gyanza Rujike is target for today. The Taoists have him on their list and want to give him a flask of Shinkitou, which is the drink that awakens the power of the Tao. Team BlackCat! go after him because Rin wants to get the flask before Gyanza drinks it so she can study it. Oh, and Gyanza’s really pissed at Sven for having captured him “back in the day”

This was a highly entertaining episode. Train’s new demeanor is definitely growing on me as the interactions between him, Sven, and Eve are just priceless. I was also rolling on the floor as Kyouko drooled over Train and kept trying to kiss him, only to have him dodge her and make her kiss a cat instead. (Where does he keep that thing? Ha). And let’s not forget lady Sven and his beautiful dress. He’s so..errr… pretty? I hope he never decides to be a transvesite because the look so doesn’t suit him.

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  1. MaiGo Says:

    yeah but Svens so cooool

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