April 28, 2006

You and me both, sister.

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I agree with Ten

The world… Well, my world anyway, just isn’t the same without BluWacky. Someone give the man more bandwidth! I can’t wait till the 1st to see what he has to say. *sigh*

April 22, 2006

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni 2

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I think I’m getting used to Rena’s cutesy voice. My problem with the first episode was that it really seemed like everything was way too cheery for a horror series. However, the second episode definitely ups the creep factor and makes the oftentimes ultra-genkiness of the characters more disturbing than annoying (like the card game they played where Rika exclaimed in her sweet voice, “It’s better to do it slowly with poison” ^_^;;).

You get the feeling now that everyone has a secret, and the imagination runs wild as to just what they might be hiding.

I wish the animation would get a little better. The music is good during the dramatic/scary scenes, but the happy-happy music sounds a bit cheesy and kind of bugs me.

Imperfections aside, I’m dying (pun intended) to know who/what’s behind all of the murders, and how the girls are connected, and why Keichi turns into a psychoclubbingmaniac. Oh! And why in the classroom scene Rena worries that she herself might be the next victim. She’s kinda scary and I think she’s a bit homicidal. I would’ve pegged her as a killer, not a victim (She’s SO creepy and I nearly wet my pants when she went on her rant about lying). Then again, there’s the beginning of the first episode to take into consideration. Hmmm….

April 14, 2006

Black Cat 23

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Final Episode!

Ok, now that it’s over I have some questions. Aside from Creed needing a reason to be jealous and hateful, and the fact that Train liked her - what was Saya’s role? I guess she was a catalyst to changing the way Train thinks about killing people. But I kept waiting and waiting for her to come back though. Well ok, it’s just that I wanted Saya to have more of a role in the series, instead of making such an early exit. She should’ve come back from the dead or something. However, I think it would’ve bugged me more if she had. Dead people should stay dead.

Another question I have is - what the freaking heck was the point of the Saki episode? They never went anywhere with that. Did I miss something?

Anyway, everything works out in the end, of course. Everyone is happy. I’m glad that they saved Eve, I’m glad Eve chose to stay with Sven, and I’m also glad that Train went off on his own because if he’d stayed with them it would’ve seemed too happy familyish.

I just think they some things unresolved, and that bothers me. But, imperfections aside, I can’t deny that Black Cat was a fun ride from start to finish. Great music. Great animation. Enjoyable characters. Interesting plot. Good stuff! And I can keep hoping that there’ll be a second season, right?

I’ll definitely be buying the R1’s, and you should too!

One final note: How cute is Eve with short hair?

April 5, 2006

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni 1

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Is anyone else as overwhelmed by the sheer number of new shows airing as I am? I’ve checked out the raws for a bunch of the ones that have started so far, and I have to say that Higurashi is the first one whose OP really grabbed my attention. The song is wonderfully done. (I’m with BluWacky - meloves the chanty stuff! I think I replayed it three or four times before I watched the actual episode)


April 1, 2006

Black Cat 22

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You know, I don’t like the watercoloury effect they use in the Eden scenes. It’s not as pretty as, say, Honey & Clover. It just looks too washed out and kinda blurry. And I wasn’t crazy about some of the music this time around. Plus, I’m a little confused as to what is actually going on. (Maybe I’m not paying close enough attention). But I’m entertainaed nonetheless.

As far as Eden is concerned, biblical references continue to abound. Let’s see… We have Adam and Eve, and the animals who are trying to tear Eve from paradise are serpents. There were more, but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Even though it’s supposed to be the most intense part of the series, I find that it’s mostly just hilarious. Such as Eve using her “previously acquired knowledge” to destroy the armed helicopters. Sven swears he didn’t teach her how to do that. Who’s the real culprit, you ask? Well she learned it by watching TV. SEE! Turns out all of those overprotective parents were right: television IS corrupting our youth.

I was also chuckling through the scene where they all try to figure out what Eve likes. If it was me, it’d definitely be takoyaki. Rin was the only one who hit the nail on the head when she said “Sven”, but Sven insists that it’s fireworks that she likes best.

Random exclamations while viewing:

Eden became a giant woman? What?! The writers of this series must be male.

How cute is SDblushingRin!

Anyhoo… This show just amuses me to no end. It’s so weird and funny and cool all at the same time. I’m looking forward to the final battle next episode. Too bad it’s the last one! *Crosses fingers for a second season*