November 18, 2008

What I watched recently

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Chaos;Head - 06

Paranoia layered upon more paranoia; the plot thickens.

Who is a friend and who is a foe?

Who can Taku really trust?

What is real and what is a delusion?

Is there more than one reality?

Rimi seems to way too sweet, and Taku’s sudden need to be close to her seems like a trap somehow. Then again, it would almost be too obvious, so I secretly hope she really is on his side. But it might have been a big mistake for him to tell her so much.

Gai-Rei Zero - 5

We get a bit of background regarding Yomi and Noriyuki’s arranged marriage, and hijinks ensue as Kagura and the rest of the gang plot to make Yomi jealous so she and Noriyuki will become closer. We also get a glimpse of a girl named Mei, who by right of blood should technically be the family head, but Yomi’s adopted father wants to hand down the family name to her. Of course, if Yomi were to die, Mei would become the head by default. I’m interested to see if Mei has anything to do with the breakdown in Yomi and Kagura’s relationship that is obviously to come.

Kuroshitsuji - 05

Oh man, Madam Red’s past is so excruciatingly sad… I almost started crying right as I ran on the treadmill. (Which actually wouldn’t be a first).

I love the importance placed on the colour red itself, and how it punctuated every black and white scene as we saw her progress from hatred, acceptance, and then subsequent loathing of the colour itself and all it represented to her.

Nodame Cantabile - Paris Chapter - 06

Chiaki’s agent is a big, fat liar, but at least he’s going to get a chance to lead an orchestra. I assume we’ll spend some time watching as he convinces them to like him, which doesn’t really excite me, but we’ll see where it goes. The dynamics of his relationship with Nodame never fail to intrigue. She’s always been open about her love for him, but will he ever acknowledge his own feelings? It feels like he’s slowly starting to, but he has this huge emotional block that just won’t allow it. Perhaps he’s always used his serious student ways to run away from his own feelings.

November 16, 2008

What I watched recently

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Tytania - 05

Laetitia’s husband was the Grand Duke of the Tyrandia System, and after he died, she came into power. But even though Laetitia is faithful to Tytania and even considers them gods, she’s really just a puppet being played, and Tyrandia suddenly refuses to pay tribute to Tytania. So Tytania sends Jouslain to attempt to negotiate a resolution with them since they are an important trading outpost. (Summary taken from Anime History, thank youuuuu. Read the full post, he has excellent thoughts on the series, and I really would be lost without him!)

Honestly, this series might be way over my head. I can’t keep up with all the names and the allegiances and the politics. But for some reason I want to continue, even if I remain clueless until the very end.

Hyakko- 05

Ahhh, awesome. This episode seems to be all about obsession. “Photoshop Yanagi” (hahaha) is obsessed with making money (by taking pictures of girls, of course). Shishimaru is obsessed with Torako. Man, that had me fooled. I completely thought he was after Ayu. Poor girl! I bet he actually loved being pushed out the window by her, though, since he seems to be enchanted by the moment he saw Torako jump out the window in episode 1. That girl whose name escapes me is obsessed with other girls. (>_>) And I think Torako is obsessed with stereotypes. Her afternoon out with Ushio and her refusal to see Ushio as anything other than a delinquent was simply hilarious.

November 15, 2008

What I watched recently

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Clannad After Story - 03

Nothing but a web of lies, eh? First the fake girlfriend, and now Okazaki as the fake brother. I’m looking forward to his showdown with Sunohara next episode. It’s nice to have a little break from the usual “Okazaki messing with the twit Sunohara just for the heck of it” plot device, hilarious as it always is. I hope Sunohara’s character will grow from this, but without losing that dynamic between him and Okazaki.

Also, Sanae plays a schoolgirl way too convincingly.

Clannad continues to be the perfect mix of comedy and drama.

Bounen no X’amd - 14

This episode was really sad! Haru is obviously desperate to return to their more innocent days. I didn’t think Furuichi felt the same; I thought he just wanted Haru all to himself, but the scene where he orders the three Ramune drinks says otherwise. And what he chose to do… I didn’t see that coming.

Kind of disappointed in the memory loss plot development, though. That seems so overused…

Nodame Cantabile - Paris Chapter - 05

Best lovers’ quarrel ever.