November 18, 2005

Black Cat: 6

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Gah, the animation style and direction is just so great, and the movements of the characters so fluid. It’s a treat for the eyes!

What an episode! We get action, gorgeous fight scenes, tension, drama, tender moments between Saya and Train and then… heartbreak! I don’t believe what happened at the end actually happened. Nope, I just don’t believe it. I guess only time will tell.

3 Responses to “Black Cat: 6”

  1. Ten Says:

    Yes, heartbreak… T___T The blooming romance between Saya and Train only to be cut short by that psycho rose dude.

    I’m really surprised that the writing in this anime adaptation is pretty solid in this early stage. I thought it was going to follow the manga so I was kinda iffy with it at first. But darn, it’s really proving me wrong. Thank god.

  2. rikuharada087 Says:

    I don’t know either and yes, I repeat heartbreak, but the animation is so awesome! Train’s eyes are to die for *drools* lol

  3. Aeris Says:

    i really liked saya, it´s so sad that she´s gone

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