November 29, 2005

Black Cat: 7

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Alright! So my computer is back up and running. Which means it’s now time to play catch up for downloading/watching and of course - blogging.

How cute was Eve watching the fireworks for the first time? And how gorgeous were those fireworks? I agree with Ten, they were very Gankutsuou-esque and you really can’t go wrong there!

Train tries to deal with his grief by trying to beat the crap out of Creed, and we get to see another beautiful fight sequence made more powerful by the melancholy piano medly and intermittent shots of Saya’s bloody hand. We then see flashbacks of our previously oh-so genki Saya. (Yeah, ok, rub it in more that she’s gone, make it more painful to watch.. hmph.. Though.. a part of me still thinks she’ll be back in later episodes.)

Train either loses the fight or it ends in a draw. In any case, he ends up unconscious and rescued by Sven and Eve. They tend to his wounds and it seems they’re all gonna be teaming up together now, though Even doesn’t trust Train and Train obviously doesn’t want to trust anyone. It works out well though, since they are all on the run from Chronos.

Now, during the fight Creed exclaims, “Those eyes! It’s those eyes!” And during Saya’s flashback scene she comments that Train’s eyes are as beautiful as the fireworks. Is there something special about his eyes? Or is it just that they’re really gorgeous and made not only Saya fall for him, but his obsessive partner too? :-P

6 Responses to “Black Cat: 7”

  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    It seems like the series has finally got back into the present as the series began with Train and Creed fighting in the fireworks. That was some long unannounced flashback but it was a good flashback compared a certain flashback *cough*Tenhou Tenge*cough*.

  2. crimson Says:

    exams ended. I started watching this. Its nice :)

  3. kawaii Says:

    I’m still soooo behind on watching this show (I’ve only watched up to ep #2!), but I can’t wait to catch up after the holidays are over. :)

    BTW, did you buy a new motherboard? Glad to see you blogging again. =)

  4. Ren Says:

    A new motherboard? I sure did! AND a new processor.. hmph.. and then I found out that my 2 year old power supply is no longer compatible with new motherboards (of course.. computer manufacturers are SWINDLERS!!)

    So, I’m 300.00 poorer, but back in action.

    Phoenix - LOL I agree on the flashback front.. dude, I thought it was never gonna end. Is it really a “flashback” if 95% of the show takes place in that time period?

  5. Phoenix512 Says:

    Yes, it is a flashback even though the series never mention it was a flashback though. Then you got the next episode which jumps six months into the future. This series likes to timeskip a lot.

  6. Rayna Says:

    Um… the eyes part. Creed became quite obssessed with Train cuz of Train’s ability to kill without any regrets and whatnot. In manga and anime, a character’s eyes tell of what he feels, so Train had rather murderous eyes before. That’s what Creed can “relate” to.

    On Saya’s view, Train’s starting to soften up, which is why she thinks his eyes are beatiful. :]

    I think Saya may come back as flashbacks or something like that. I liked her quite a lot. D:

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