June 18, 2007

Kekkaishi 21

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We’re entering non-episodic plotsville (I think!) and it’s awesome!! Yuri was the first to sense that something is really strange with the new transfer student, which makes me wonder how much of a role she’ll have to play as the series progresses. Up until now she’s been a fairly unimportant side character.

I love how Kekkaishi blends humour and seriousness. I love how Tokine is really starting to take notice of Sumimura’s growth. I love how I was completely fooled by the new transfer student. I thought he was going to be the typically obvious new baddy. Turns out he was sent by Yoshimori’s brother to watch over him. Ah, Asa, you’re not always so bright…

Anyway, we are also introduced to the fruity English teacher, Minou. He seems almost too happy-go-lucky and nice to be true. Maybe he has some connection to the bad guys. Shishio (Mr. Transfer Student) certainly seemed to be disturbed by him. But maybe I’m just being fooled again. >_>

Aggh, there’s just something about Kekkaishi though. I love it! I need more. :3

June 17, 2007

Devil May Cry 01

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To be honest, I wasn’t initially interested in DMC, but I make it a habit to check out the first episode of most series that get subbed. I ended up enjoying episode one quite a bit, despite my initial reservations when I saw the cutesy blonde girl. I detest little whiny characters with high-pitched voices who do nothing but scream at their “onii-chans”. Her voice fit the fact that she’s a child, but her acting wasn’t over the top. What a relief…

As for the episode itself, I thought the animation was pretty solid, I liked the character designs, and that there was actual blood when people or demons were killed.

I’m definitely intrigued by the plot and want to see where this series is headed. I think DMC is based off of a game, isn’t it? I have no idea, which means I have no presumptions going into the series. So I’m just going to let it take me on its journey, and hopefully I’ll enjoy the trip.