November 11, 2005

Black Cat: 5

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Train takes out 50 men, but lets one go alive. The spared man watches Train leave and wonders what has changed in this supposed merciless killer.

Later Train broods on a rooftop and asks the singing sweeper girl (did I miss her name or have they not actually told it to us yet?? Gah!) why she does what she does. She replies that she believes it’s the right thing to do. This causes Train to brood some more. But his thoughts are interrupted by a message that he’s to return to headquarters, where he gets into trouble for not killing Eve and for letting the man go at the beginning of the episode.

He’s once again ordered to kill Eve, but instead of accepting the mission he declares that he will do what he feels is right, not necessarily what they order.

This upsets the bossman who retorts, “You are not entitled to any freedom. You are merely our pet cat.” - Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Train picks freedom over orders, and leaves the Chronos Organization.

Train now becomes a target of Chronos, so they send his partner Creed to “persuade” him. The resulting duel is lovely visually, stylistically, musically. It’s so fluid and just.. great.

I love the blues and reds used inside the Chronos building! The operatic style music was also really beautiful. But I think Train’s partner is creepy and oogy and stuff and has many many issues.

Sven/Rin/Eve got a bit of screentime at the beginning, but this episode mostly focused on Train and Chronos, for which I am grateful. I hope eventually we get to see more of how Train came to be part of the organization, and how he turned into a merciless killer. As for now I like how his character is already evolving as the story goes along. He’s making decisions that take him away from a person who blindly follows orders and kills, to one who attempts to consider what is right or wrong before he acts. And you know I’m all about character development!

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  1. Problematic Says:

    *Sigh* I am really behind on “Black Cat”. The never-ending homework and tests are never ending!

    “…the singing sweeper girl (did I miss her name or have they not actually told it to us yet?? Gah!)”

    Do you mean the kimono girl? Apparently her name is Saya Minatsuki, but I am not 100% sure. I read it off Cinnamon Ass’ site.

  2. crimson Says:

    bwahaha, i’ve downloaded 6 episode of it but i have yet to really start watching it.

    Partly, it’s becos it was a very busy (omg, each sem actually gets more busy) and exams are now here.

    btw, enjoy this flash made by capping characters from street fighter and mortal kombat :P
    It’s pretty amazing!

  3. conrath Says:

    he didn’t kill the fifty men…

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