October 22, 2005

Suzuka 16

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Again Honoka dazzles us with her pretty outfits. I need to go shopping with her.

The title for this episode is”Impulse”, and I find it very fitting with the way Yamato grabbed Honoka and kissed her out of the blue in the train station. Then there’s the whole situation that occured in his bedroom, which resulted in a terrified Honoka rushing out with tears in her eyes. Gah Yamato, you stupid, confused, irrational idiot. At least he apologized. But still - gah.

Lastly, Hattori’s view on sex is the first stupid thing I’ve heard him say thus far. What the heck!?

October 16, 2005

Suzuka 15

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Suzuka and Yamato are stranded with no money when a drunken man stumbles by and notices them. He sidles up to Yamato and teases him about getting into a fight with his girl and how it’s probably his fault, as men are usually the unfaithful ones. Our poor dear Honoka is probably thinking something along these same lines at this point.

Honoka worries because they haven’t heard from them yet, and then worries because he’s with Suzuka. But I thought he handled the conversation with her in a wonderfully gentle manner with the way he talked to her on the phone and tried to reassure her that everything would be ok.

He then calls his dad to lend him some money so that Suzuka can at least stay in a nice hotel for the night.

While they wait Suzuka asks about how he and Honoka ended up together. He says being with her makes him feel calm, and then Suzuka gets all uppity. He calls her on it - good on him! It’s true, she did ask.

His dad shows up and declares that Suzuka won’t be staying in a hotel - she’s coming home with them. So we get to see Yamato’s family. They make fun of him as much as Suzuka does!. Maybe that’s why he’s so drawn to her. They say that women often look for men that remind them of their fathers, and vice versa for men.. haha.

Later Yamato asks her if she wants to see the fireflies, but she gets offended at his offer and says no. But after she overhears him telling Honoka that he’ll be home that night she suddenly she wants to see the fireflies. Hmmmmmmmmm. Then we have the scene where Yamato pretends to confess to Suzuka, and she gets pretty into it. Looks like she’s starting to realize her own feelings. This should definitely make things extra interesting from here on in.

October 9, 2005

Suzuka 14

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Sooo Yamata suddenly thinks Honoka is cute. Blah.. “We should become a couple, ” he says, which of course makes Honoka ecstatic. But he’s settling for her just cuz he thinks he can’t get Suzuka. What a chump. CHUMP! It may work out for him, but he’s not being fair to Honoka.

But I can’t hate him because I don’t think he’s intentionally trying to be a player or anything. I think he’s just confused and naive and doesn’t realize how much he could hurt Honoka in the end if he’s just using her in the interim till he figures out a way to get Suzuka. If he knew the consequences, I wonder if he would still choose to go out with Honoka. Is he trying to make himself like her just because he knows she likes him? If Suzuka gets a grip and confesses her feelings to him, will he drop Honoka like a sack of potatos? I guess we’ll see. All I know is that right now I feel really sad for Honoka.

And while this is all going on we see Suzuka’s walls come down a little bit as she invites him to go shopping, and even when he says no for the first time and she ends up going with Miki, still she doesn’t let that bother her too much as she browses shirts that would look good on Yamato. Poor Miki is conflicted over whether or not to tell Suzuka the big news, but she decides it’s better to hurt Suzuka sooner rather than later and spills the beans.

The fact that Suzuka reacts later by being nice and saying that she’s glad for him, (even if it was laced with a joke about her thinking he’d never get a girlfriend) all while wearing this bittersweet smile on her face, made it all the more apparent, to me anyway, that this news pains her greatly.

I love the Miki/Hattori team! THEY should get together, haha. They both have incredible insights into what’s going on around them with their friends, and they obviously have brains in their heads. They’d be an unstoppable duo. Unstoppable at what, I’m not sure, but watch out!

Next episode should be interesting, with Suzuka and Yamato stranded together. Can’t wait!

October 1, 2005

Suzuka 13

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I took a screencap of Lunar’s new little intro screen just because I think it’s really pretty. :D

Anyway, on to the episode. Yamato dances around Suzuka and tries to get her to like him, while Honoka dances around Yamato trying to get him to like her. Hattori is in the background making astute observations and giving really good advice to all parties. And in the end Yamato feels like he’ll never be able to catch up to Suzuka so he kind of settles for Honoka by taking her hand. Ugh. Not a good reason to choose a girl my dear. I could be judging him prematurely though…but we’ll see.

Can I just say that Honoka’s outfit when she visited Yamato at the track at night was GORGEOUS. I want that top! I want that skirt! And those shoes and knee socks! She looked stunning.

As far as Honoka is concerned, I think her character is developing quite nicely. When she was first introduced it looked like she was going to be one of those girls who pines from a distance but never does anything about it. But in the past couple of episodes especially we’ve seen her swallow her fear and just go for it, though she knows full well she is risking rejection. I thought when she put her hand on Yamato’s she was being quite brave, but I also think it was totally sweet and came more from a perspective of wanting to encourage him than wanting to prove her feelings for him. Of course that changed when she saw Suzuka. I can’t believe she had the guts to kiss him!

On a side note, it’s too bad the animators make her face look so funny somtimes ^_^v

Ok, this was the episode for awesome outfits, because Suzuka’s rocked too! I’d want hers as well but I refuse to wear horizontal stripes, they make me look shorter than I already am. :P That girl is totally going to lose to Honoka if she doesn’t own up to her own feelings. Maybe part of the problem is that she doesn’t realize she has competition at all, so she doesn’t feel the urgency to fight for what she wants.

September 26, 2005

Suzuka 12

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2 jobs + university course + real life = hardly any time for blogging.

So this will be super short, and probably not sweet. Ha.

Suzuka’s criticisms of his running style and athletic habits show that in her own weird way she cares about him and wants to see him do well. And even though she was cold to him, she did still seem glad that he was going to come back to practice.

But anyway, it was great to see a more Honoka-centered episode. Loved her inner monologue as she wrestled with her feelings for Yamato and worried about whether Suzuka has feelings for Yamato too. She’s so cute and awkward, and she tries so hard. But the poor girl’s plans always get ruined.

There’s a LOT more I could say about all the things that happened between the characters this episode, not the least of which being the developments between Suzuka and Yamato. But darnit I just don’t have the time.

Oh well.

September 17, 2005

Suzuka 11

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Soooo Kazuki and Arima should have been rivals. Yamato and Arima become rivals. The similarities continue…

Arima is an arrogant jerk and I don’t like him one bit. Yep, Suzuka’s apology wasn’t sincere and she continued to take shots at him, but he has no right to physically intimdate Suzuka like that and to rub it in that the guy she likes is dead. And then to allow his lackeys to bully her too, was way out of line. Nope, I don’t like him one bit.

Yamato was awesome for sucking up his poor me feelings and going to stand up for her. Lol, well it was sort of standing up for her I guess. At least he got his butt back on the track.

Of course in this episode we get another classic example of Yamato speaking before he thinks, and he ends up having to run against the #1 sprinter in the high school. Ok, so he started off by doing something smart (trying to help Suzuka), but it turns out it was really stupid (he ended up challenging the #1 sprinter), and he mayhave lost, but even Suzuka can see just how hard he tried to win, and Yamato himself was for once giving his all in something.

To end off, my favourite line in this episode comes from our dear sweet lunkhead Yamato: “I can’t stand a guy that makes Asahina cry.” How sweet!

My favourite moment? When our lovely ice princess has a melty moment and tends to Yamato’s hurting knees. Could she have put more bandaids on? Ahaha.

September 13, 2005

Suzuka 10

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The piano music as Suzuka stood at Kazuki’s grave was really beautiful. I think this episode as a whole brings a whole new perspective to Suzuka’s personality. It gives you a better understanding of why she is the way she is all the time, and why she reacts to Yamato so strongly.

All the similarities Yamato has; being a rocket starter, a sprinter, his looks, must be a knife in her heart every day.

I think Yamato did the right thing by not talking to Suzuka at the grave yard. It could be the most mature thing he’s done so far. It just wouldn’t be the right place and time. But i do feel that his actions at the end of the episode were very very immature. Really, the guy should think before he speaks. He really deserved that slap.

I don’t think Yamato is quite right about Suzuka using him as a replacement. If that were the case I think she’d be nicer to him more of the time. Instead, she seems to want to like Yamato but when she feels she’s getting too close to him she may feel that she is betraying her feelings for Kazuki. And when Yamato says or does something that reminds her of Kazuki she usually lashes out. If she was using him, I think she’d cling to him a bit more.

Oh, and it looks to me like Suzuka’s drive to perfection started as a way to prove something to Kazuki, and now is probably partly an homage to him.

Great, emotional episode that gives more depth to the title character.

September 3, 2005

Suzuka 9

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Suzuka has issues partly having to do with Yamato being a naive doofus, partly because he reminds her of photograph boy, and partly because of whatever went on *with* photograph boy. But who am I to judge? So do I. Said issues have caused her meanness towards Yamato to reach a new level.

Yamato works really hard at track so as not to look like a fool in front of Suzuka. He’s going to have to find more of a motivation than that (like, for instance - actually enjoying the sport??) if he’s going to stick with this for any length of time. Otherwise he’s just going to dislike running and end up quitting.

It’s really sad the way he goes running to her for praise and gets so completely and utterly shut down. I want to criticize Suzuka for being so harsh, and it’s not like I think what she did was right, but really, Yamato is wrong to look for his affirmation in another person, no matter who it is. And he’s even more wrong to be seeking track results just to impress a girl.

August 29, 2005

Suzuka 8

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Yamato obviously didn’t realize what he was getting into, and that he can’t be a part of the team and just stare at Suzuka all day. He’s actually going to have to work, and work hard. But hey, maybe this’ll be good for him, maybe it’ll teach him the value of hard work and put a little sense of responsibility in him. Now if only track could
teach him to be less naive…

He IS working hard though, which Miki comments on more than once. (Miki seems friendly. She was kind and helpful to Yamato. She seems to be a good honest friend to Suzuka. I like her!)

Yamato’s line, “It’s like, the more I get close to her, the more I feel I’m apart from her,” really struck me. There’s the whole thing about opposites attracting one another. And I think that can definitely be true. However, there has to be a few elements of common ground if a relationship is going to be built on anything solid and long lasting. I’ve yet to see what they have going for them, besides the fact that Yamato really really likes her. But there’s plenty of time for that! I don’t know if I feel that Suzuka and Yamato are such a perfect pair that I’m rooting for them, but I don’t think I’d be disappointed if they end up together. (Maybe it’s just that I like rooting for the underdog)

As for Suzuka, though I still think that she takes her meanness a little too far, I’d probably be feeling exactly as she is right now: crowded. Like my space, the one thing that was *mine* and not his, the one place where I could be free to do my own thing, was being horribly invaded. Suzuka takes track extremely seriously. Of course she wouldn’t want some guy to join just because he likes her, and then be a big fat slacker. However, she needs to acknowledge that he is actually trying, and maybe not be so hard on him.

If I was in Honoka’s shoes I’d feel incredibly discouraged to see the person I like working so hard to impress someone else, and talk about her even when we’re alone together. And I’d probably go home and cry after hearing point blank that he confessed to this other person, got rejected,and still isn’t giving up. I like Honoka because the *way* she cries isn’t loud, annoying, and overdone like so many other anime girls. At first I thought she might be boring. But she’s really growing on me. I like that she likes him, but she’s not quite as obsessive about it as Yamato is. Yeah, she joins the track team just to be close to him, but she doesn’t advertise. I like the fact that she can cry, and then pick herself up and keep on going. Crying to me isn’t a sign of weakness. The ability to express your emotions, without letting them rule you, is a powerful and wonderful thing.

August 20, 2005

Suzuka 7

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After the huge rejection in the last episode, things are understandably awkward between Suzuka and Yamato this time around.

I thought the simple piano melody that played while Yamato watched Suzuka stretch and as he reflected on the incident at the amusement park was quite beautiful and appropriate.

When he expressed regret at confessing I wanted to hug him and tell him I thought he was so brave and that he did a good thing. I always think it’s better to be honest and up front about feelings rather than hide them. At least things are out in the open now, and even if he didn’t get the result that he wanted he can only move forward from here on out. At the end of the day if Suzuka is never going to be with him isn’t it better to know sooner rather than later? On the other hand, his confession might help push her in the direction of acknowledging her feelings for Yamato. If neither of them ever said anything they might dance around each other forever and it would only cause them (and us) endless frustration.

Oh, and it’s great that Saotome said something useful for a change instead of just being an annoying drunk. She motivates Yamato to keep on trying, which leads to a humourous moment where he screams at the top of his lungs that he likes Suzuka and he’ll never give up. He yells loud enough that Suzuka hears him through her window and she blushes profusely.

ps. Maybe I was a little too harsh on Suzuka last time around. Mentar is right, it’s clear she feels bad about the way she’s been treating him. But I still think she needs to work on being less mean to him.

pps. I’ve decided to drop Glass Mask and Futago Hime from my blogging list. The subs are coming out way too slow to make it worth it. (In the case of Glass Mask.. they’re just slow, and you can visit Ten-chan over at YSP:Duh! for entries up to the current episode (19) as she watches the raws. In the case of Futago Hime, it’s silly to expect one guy to be able to singlehandledly sub a 52 episode show. He’s done a great job, but he’s got a lot on his plate right now.) I’ll definately be watching if and/or when any more eps come out, but I won’t be blogging them.

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