October 22, 2005

Suzuka 16

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Again Honoka dazzles us with her pretty outfits. I need to go shopping with her.

The title for this episode is”Impulse”, and I find it very fitting with the way Yamato grabbed Honoka and kissed her out of the blue in the train station. Then there’s the whole situation that occured in his bedroom, which resulted in a terrified Honoka rushing out with tears in her eyes. Gah Yamato, you stupid, confused, irrational idiot. At least he apologized. But still - gah.

Lastly, Hattori’s view on sex is the first stupid thing I’ve heard him say thus far. What the heck!?

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  1. Problematic Says:

    I totally agree with you! I’ve lost all respect for Yamato and Hattori! I don’t want Honoka to go out with him anymore, or Suzuka. I don’t want anyone to go out with him. PERIOD!

    Haha maybe I shouldn’t have watched this anime after doing chemistry. It got me all fired up..also I have like three more sections to do! I want school to start…because I feel stupider everyday. I can’t form proper sentences anymore!

  2. crimson Says:

    forgive yamato, he’s still learning about the world.

    i’m still waiting for this episode to dl finish. I forgot what hattori said from the manga anyway.

    Oh, i guess Suzuka is one of those rare anime where casts has a variety of outfits because i usually remember anime characters only have about 1 set of clothes for normal earth mode and maybe another set in sentai mode. And plus 1 more for beach mode.

    btw, rest well and get well soon ren!

  3. Mentar Says:


    Well, Honoka is one of those girl types who would make sackcloth and ashes look good :) … but I agree, she treated us to alot of eye candy to day. So much that even I, who doesn’t consider himself any fashion expert - was so impressed that I noticed it.

    Why are you surprised about Hattori’s foolish advice? He _is_ a playa after all. This is 100% in character for him, and unfortunately, Yamato has come to believe him enough that with Hattori’s “green light” he followed his impulse to grab Honoka after catching two eyefuls of hers, because it’s “expected”.

    Also, keep in mind that Hattori was never concerned about WHO of the girls was with Yamato. He didn’t care, he tried to push BOTH towards him. For him, compatibility or any consideration along these lines are irrelevant, he only tries to help Yamato get ANY girl, whoever it may be. This sets him apart from Miki (and which is the reason why I still consider her more sensible)

  4. Mentar Says:

    And by the way, the anime deviated from the manga quite a bit here, causing the scene and especially Honoka’s reaction to become a bit less understandable. If you want to know what REALLY happened and why, read my spoiler entry here:

  5. crimson Says:

    ah, mentar, your avatar is that slayer demon tribe dude.

    yeah, certain stuffs were taken out in the anime. I guess they want to cater to the younger audiences. Like hattori giving yamato something and the new level of advances yamato made on honoka.

    I find yamato’s advances (shown in the manga and mentioned in mentar’s spoiler) made honoka’s claim of “yamato looks so scary now..” more…natural.

    Still, the mounting position in the anime was enough to illustrate the point :P

  6. Mohammad Says:

    I almost forgot that this show actually started out with an ecchi first episode (>_>)

    Last time I said that Hattori was wise. Let me retract that. Hattori should hang. When I first heard Hattori’s ill advice, I remembered the episode preview at the end of episode 15 then my face went pale and I started imagining all sorts of nasty things. Sure enough, what I imagined and feared came true although it did not proceed to the extreme scenario (fortunately!!).

    I have seen idiots in my days but Yamato takes the biscuit. He’s a genuine jackass. Even Junpei from Ichigo 100% isn’t as stupid as he is. I know that rural people are simple minded but give me a break (>_>)

    Ironically, I found this episode very funny. Yamato’s antics whenever he is with Honoka are a pleasure to watch. I can’t remember when I last laughed this hard while watching Suzuka.

    The real star of the episode was, of course, Honoka. The more I watch this girl, the more I like and respect her. She has incredible devotion and kindness. Her scenes with Yamato (minus THAT scene) were just too sweet. Of course I enjoyed watching Suzuka getting annoyed whenever Honoka is around.

  7. Mohammad Says:

    By the way, I hope you get well soon.

  8. crimson Says:

    well, they did show yamato’s mind in some sort of conflict where he believes that “this isnt the way” although hattori’s “do that!” have a degree of effect on him.

    I guess in the end, he confirmed for himself that “this isnt the way” is more relevant. Too bad he has to be a jerk in the process of realisation..if the scripts actually want him to realise.

  9. crimson Says:

    actually, i didnt like hattori’s role (no hard feelings for the guy) during the 1st episode. I mean, how helpful can a playboy be?

    In my opinion, it is just a bonus that he isnt hitting on all the chicks around yamato.

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