October 9, 2005

Suzuka 14

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Sooo Yamata suddenly thinks Honoka is cute. Blah.. “We should become a couple, ” he says, which of course makes Honoka ecstatic. But he’s settling for her just cuz he thinks he can’t get Suzuka. What a chump. CHUMP! It may work out for him, but he’s not being fair to Honoka.

But I can’t hate him because I don’t think he’s intentionally trying to be a player or anything. I think he’s just confused and naive and doesn’t realize how much he could hurt Honoka in the end if he’s just using her in the interim till he figures out a way to get Suzuka. If he knew the consequences, I wonder if he would still choose to go out with Honoka. Is he trying to make himself like her just because he knows she likes him? If Suzuka gets a grip and confesses her feelings to him, will he drop Honoka like a sack of potatos? I guess we’ll see. All I know is that right now I feel really sad for Honoka.

And while this is all going on we see Suzuka’s walls come down a little bit as she invites him to go shopping, and even when he says no for the first time and she ends up going with Miki, still she doesn’t let that bother her too much as she browses shirts that would look good on Yamato. Poor Miki is conflicted over whether or not to tell Suzuka the big news, but she decides it’s better to hurt Suzuka sooner rather than later and spills the beans.

The fact that Suzuka reacts later by being nice and saying that she’s glad for him, (even if it was laced with a joke about her thinking he’d never get a girlfriend) all while wearing this bittersweet smile on her face, made it all the more apparent, to me anyway, that this news pains her greatly.

I love the Miki/Hattori team! THEY should get together, haha. They both have incredible insights into what’s going on around them with their friends, and they obviously have brains in their heads. They’d be an unstoppable duo. Unstoppable at what, I’m not sure, but watch out!

Next episode should be interesting, with Suzuka and Yamato stranded together. Can’t wait!

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  1. Mentar Says:

    Well okay, but wouldn’t you agree that Honoka KNOWS the risk she’s taking? In fact, this is the main reason for me to admire her guts - that she is willing to risk a major heartbreak here, trying to win over Yamato who clearly isn’t over Suzuka yet?

    If I was in Yamato’s shoes, I’d probably tell her that I’m not quite free yet, and if she is really willing to take the risk. But would keeping her at bay longer really _HELP_ Honoka? I don’t think so.

    I guess the “Okay, let’s try” approach is the best one after all.

  2. Outsider Says:

    Seems to me Yamato has really got himself into a spot right now. Either way he’s gonna hurt both of them, already hurting Suzuka in this ep and probably Honoka in the future. Not the kind of place I would like to be.

  3. Mohammad Says:

    Watching this episode was like eating candy. It was so sweet, so delicious and I even had tears in my eyes……until the train scene started (-_-)

    Now that was plain mean. I felt pain in my chest while watching this scene. The manga artist could have prolonged their relationship a bit more. Wouldn’t you know it, Yamato forgot his cell phone in the train and his cell phone is the type that vibrates instead of rings!! It’s just too convenient.

    I don’t think that Yamato is using Honoka as a temporary replacement for Suzuka and I think I completely understand the words he said to himself when he kissed Honoka under the moonlight (and he was sincere about those words). What actually happened so far is that Yamato kept extending his hand to Suzuka but Suzuka kept biting that hand. He did a lot to help Suzuka out and to earn her trust but most of what he got in return was ridicule and sarcasm. There comes a time when a man (provided he has pride) will start to fight back and extend his hand to someone else. He tries to distance himself from the source of pain (Suzuka in this case). During that last scene in episode 13 between Yamato and Honoka, Yamato suddenly realised that Honoka was always by his side and always supporting him. She was always cheering him up. He didn’t realise that before because he was blinded by Suzuka; he couldn’t see anyone but Suzuka (which was obvious from the previous episodes). When Yamato realised what Honoka was doing for him all this time, he suddenly collapsed internally and kissed Honoka on impulse. He was like a hurt child who finally found true affection. I have seen many marriages that ended in failure and sometimes tragedy where the wife doesn’t give the husband the affection he needs because she is busy with her work or pursuing her own interests and so the husband will start looking for his affection elsewhere (of course there is the opposite where the husband ignores his wife and she will then look somewhere else for true love). I can’t say that Yamato is betraying Suzuka either because they were never a couple to begin with unlike his relationship with Honoka now which is the real deal. I agree with you on one thing: Honoka will get hurt at the end knowing how things are going and I do feel really sad for her.

    Hattori is one wise guy. He can read Yamato like an open book. His talk with Miki is reveals just how seasoned he really is. He sure reminds me of the 1960s cartoon character “Top Cat” (^_^) (One of my favourite characters by the way).

  4. Phoenix512 Says:

    Mohammad, you need your own blog on Suzuka because you need a better outlet for your thoughts on Suzuka.

  5. Outsider Says:

    Hattori may be “wise” but he’s so blind in his own situation if he says he wants to get a girl but can’t see Miki at all. XD

  6. Mohammad Says:

    I guess you’re right Phoenix512 but I’m probably too lazy to do it. Besides, my current excitement about this show is all because of the sudden change of events that started in episode 13. Once the Honoka arc is over, I’ll probably lose the interest that I have now. If only I could control how the story goes (-_-)

    I don’t know if Miki is the most suitable girl for Hattori. A guy like him shouldn’t really have trouble finding a girl.

  7. problematic404 Says:

    Haha…Mohammad when you do get your blog, I wouldn’t mind adding you to my blogroll. Oh and Asakomi, I was wondering if you would add me to your blogroll, and if I could receive permission to add yours onto mine.

    Outsider- I totally agree with you! I can’t believe he doesn’t notices Miki right away…they would make an awesome couple because their personalities are more or less the same.

  8. Ren Says:

    I’ve added you, feel free to add me to your list. Thanks!

    And thanks for all the comments guys, you’re awesome.

    Mentar - I guess you’re right that Honoka knows what she’s getting into. But that only makes me more sad for her that she esteems herself so lowly.

    Mohammad - I’m sure you’d find something else to rant about even after Suzuka no longer holds your interest ;)

  9. Disappointed Says:

    The sooner the Honoka arc ends the better, it is god awful and no one wants to see Honoka in the first place.
    Bad enough Honoka fanboys keep insulting Suzuka as a bitch when they don’t know anything about her, the sooner Honoka separates from Yamato and the story focuses back on Suzuka the better.

  10. problematic404 Says:

    Disappointed- Honoka is a good person, and she did have a crush on Yamato for a long time. As for Suzuka, I don’t mind her character, its just that she should be more open-minded. Also, she confessed to Honoka that she doesn’t like him…and he heard it. Maybe if she wasn’t so fickle, I could accept the idea of Yamato having a relation with Suzuka. However I am a fan of Honoka, so I wish the best for her.

  11. Disappointed Says:

    Good person? She’s a selfish person. She knows she’s gonna set herself and Yamato up for a world of hurt in the future and she has already done it to Suzuka in 14, yet she insists on doing it. I won’t feel sorry for her when that break-up happens, because she brought it onto herself.

  12. Mentar Says:

    Disappointed, get a grip on yourself :) … obviously most people enjoy the Honoka arc very much, based on the fact how much extra discussions and downloads were generated by the last episodes. Also, what’s selfish to confess to the one you love after asking your rival for PERMISSION first? If Suzuka had been honest here, Honoka probably would NOT have confessed. If you can’t stand the heat, leave the kitchen and watch Naruto.

    Ren, I don’t think that she esteems herself lowly. Unless of course you mean that it’s a shame that she wouldn’t find a better boy who truly loves her in the first place without a tunnel vision on somebody else ^_^;; … still, she tries. It’s blatantly obvious that she’s scared and afraid (with good reason), but nevertheless she tries. I dunno about you all, but I deeply respect that.

  13. Disappointed Says:

    Thats your opinion, since you’re a Honoka fanboy. You never considered Suzuka’s feelings or point of view ever, have you? Doesn’t matter to me, I await the ep where they will break up and I’ll celebrate the end of the irritating Honoka arc.

  14. Disappointed Says:

    And like Ray said, Honoka is already making a mistake.

    And Honoka’s obviously making a mistake here, by assuming that Yamato decided to go out with her because he knows her feelings. From how we see it, this is a completely one-sided devotion from Honoka. You guys will be seeing a very one-sided relationship. As an example from this episode, Honoka has already bought a cellphone strap for Yamato so that their cellphones make a cute little pair. You think Yamato ever thought (or will ever think) about buying two t-shirts that look the same so that they can wear on dates?

  15. Ren Says:

    Holy cow @ all the comments! @_@

    Disappointed - Um, I think you’re generalizing a bit that “no one” wants to see the Honoka arc. I, for one, enjoy both Suzuka and Honoka and so I’m completely happy with this arc. It certainly adds drama doesn’t it, and we wouldn’t want the show to be boring ;).

    Mentar - that’s what I meant, that she would go out with a boy who is fixated on someone else instead of finding someone who will give her the attention and devotion she deserves.

  16. Disappointed Says:

    Very well, Miss Ren, I defer to your judgement on this matter.

  17. Mentar Says:

    Well, Ray is a dedicated Suzuka fanboy, so I guess that’s just fair :)

    I don’t see Honoka making a mistake - Ray is referring to Honoka’s “My feelings finally reached him” thought. He seems to interpret this as an self-delusion that he is fully in love with her. I don’t think that she is fooling herself that her love has changed him into a devoted lover boy for her, in fact, her nervousness shows that she is VERY aware of the threat Suzuka poses. No, this thought of hers indicate that she’s happy that she managed to make him AWARE of her feelings, the thing which she has struggled with so hard in the past. In my opinion it’s a “I’ve finally done it”.

    By the way, you should have quoted the next lines from Ray too:

    “I’m sure as mentar has continuously argued for on the Lunarforums, that Yamato and Honoka are very compatible personality wise - and the author himself has asked a psychologist to predict possible relationships between Yamato and {Suzuka, Honoka, Miki} and how they’d turn out. Yamato and Honoka had the best outcome.”


  18. Silent Says:

    Mentar, chapters 52 and 72 ring any bells? *winks*

  19. Mentar Says:

    I doubt that we do ANY other people a favor if we start a discussion of the future chapters of the manga, which is still ongoing. Not with contents, not with hints and smart innuendos. So let’s restrict ourselves to that, alright?

    *not winking anymore*

  20. Ren Says:

    I for one appreciate that Mentar, thanks!

  21. problematic404 Says:

    Haha…fighto Mentar! Well said…I don’t ever want the Honoka arc to end! Obviously she loves him a lot…and there is nothing wrong with fighting for something that you truly love or believe in. Yamato already displayed his affection for Suzuka, and she keeps turning him down. She keeps sending him mixed messages and knowing most guys if you like him…you kinda have to tell them straight up and not play with their minds. I kinda want a Hattori and Miki arc…I wonder if that would ever happen?

  22. crimson Says:

    wow, nice number of comments :P

    yeah, u guys should listen to ms ren too!

    but that’s besides the point.
    I love all the girls in suzuka.

    Yeah, it’s one-sided. But i’m still happy with it to a certain extent.

  23. crimson Says:

    and i tend to agree with what some has suggested.

    it’s a thing about being able to experience something that is real and reachable (honoka fitting into yamato’s idea of a receptive opposite that reacts in a more stable manner most of the time)
    something that’s still way out of reach (the desired responses from suzuka).

    We cant blame yamato for choosing choice A.

    listen to guy crimson on this, at least, treat it as my vote :P
    freedom to voting!

    I wouldnt really see it as becos Honoka is suddenly cuter although it was somewhat portrayed that way in the anime.

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