October 1, 2005

Suzuka 13

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I took a screencap of Lunar’s new little intro screen just because I think it’s really pretty. :D

Anyway, on to the episode. Yamato dances around Suzuka and tries to get her to like him, while Honoka dances around Yamato trying to get him to like her. Hattori is in the background making astute observations and giving really good advice to all parties. And in the end Yamato feels like he’ll never be able to catch up to Suzuka so he kind of settles for Honoka by taking her hand. Ugh. Not a good reason to choose a girl my dear. I could be judging him prematurely though…but we’ll see.

Can I just say that Honoka’s outfit when she visited Yamato at the track at night was GORGEOUS. I want that top! I want that skirt! And those shoes and knee socks! She looked stunning.

As far as Honoka is concerned, I think her character is developing quite nicely. When she was first introduced it looked like she was going to be one of those girls who pines from a distance but never does anything about it. But in the past couple of episodes especially we’ve seen her swallow her fear and just go for it, though she knows full well she is risking rejection. I thought when she put her hand on Yamato’s she was being quite brave, but I also think it was totally sweet and came more from a perspective of wanting to encourage him than wanting to prove her feelings for him. Of course that changed when she saw Suzuka. I can’t believe she had the guts to kiss him!

On a side note, it’s too bad the animators make her face look so funny somtimes ^_^v

Ok, this was the episode for awesome outfits, because Suzuka’s rocked too! I’d want hers as well but I refuse to wear horizontal stripes, they make me look shorter than I already am. :P That girl is totally going to lose to Honoka if she doesn’t own up to her own feelings. Maybe part of the problem is that she doesn’t realize she has competition at all, so she doesn’t feel the urgency to fight for what she wants.

9 Responses to “Suzuka 13”

  1. Random_ray Says:

    Thanks for the compliment on the intro screen! Hope it was visually pleasing to start this next arc. Anyway, please come over to my blog page on Suzuka too (although I started late). I only blog Suzuka too, since that’s the only thing I fansub right now.

  2. crimson Says:

    wow, ray, you’re in the Lunar sub team?

    anyway, i have yet to watch this episode. But from the screencap, the intro insert looks really great.

  3. Mentar Says:

    Ray is the Lunar translator working on Suzuka, and he also did the splashscreens.

    Ren: Leave it to the female faction to judge the girls’ outfits in this key episode ^_^ … hehe. Told you things would get rolling now!

  4. Kabitzin Says:

    Hey, I liked the outfits, too! The nice thing about Suzuka is that the characters actually change their clothes once in a while. Plus a lot of the t-shirts are really funny.

  5. crimson Says:

    “The nice thing about Suzuka is that the characters actually change their clothes once in a while”

    lol, now that u mention it

  6. Mohammad Says:

    I just finished watching this episode. How ironic, I have been waiting patiently for this episode but I only got to watch it 6 days after its release (>_>)

    Now for a speech:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is of my utmost pleasure to declare that a new era has started for our young (and often stupid) hero Yamato Akitsuki. Our young lad has finally seen the light of day and decided to atone for all the sins he committed against his loyal admirer and aide Honoka Sakurai (basically ignoring her) by accepting her hand in marriage (alright, so it’s just accepting her hand for now but I thought using that phrase would make the speech flashy). It is also my pleasure to declare the downfall (if only temporarily) of the evil witch of the East Suzuka Asahina and the end of the wicked spell she had cast upon our beloved (but still naive) hero Yamato.

    Needless to say…….I’m happy \(^o^)/

    Alright, so it turned out like a sermon but I couldn’t think of a better way to express my feelings…sue me!!

    Mentar, if you’re reading this then you owe us an apology. The preview at the end of episode 12 turned out to be true and I got exactly what I want in episode 13. I don’t see the preview as misleading at all (maybe spoilerish but not misleading).

    Now I know this arrangement will not last for a long time but I might as well enjoy it while I still can.

  7. Mentar Says:

    *lol* :)

    Mohammad, the preview was misleading in these two aspects:

    1) The preview scene showed the lips of Yamato and a girl closing in on each other, clearly indicating a premeditated consentual kiss. That didn’t happen. Instead, they played the scene when their lips _parted_ after the first kiss backwards.

    2) Yamato’s monologue also implied a degree of certainty about the new relationship which he never had - at least not before the second kiss. This was also misleading.

    Most of all I was annoyed however by the fact that these idiots were totally spoiling the surprise. I mean come on, this was such a wonderfully shocking scene in the manga. Why not here…

  8. Ren Says:

    Haha, all you guys are great, but I think the most creative comment award must go to Mohammad.

    I was a good girl and didn’t watch the preview, just as Mentar suggested ;)

  9. Disappointed Says:

    Someone tell me if it’s worth watching anymore? At first from reading Mentar’s blog it seemed to be a nice romance show but after the events in ep13, I just lost all interest in this. I can’t believe Yamato is such a fickle minded loser who would swing over to Honoka just like that.

    Suzuka doesn’t deserve to end up with such a loser. He can keep his miko, she has better things to do and goals to achieve in her life.

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