October 16, 2005

Suzuka 15

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Suzuka and Yamato are stranded with no money when a drunken man stumbles by and notices them. He sidles up to Yamato and teases him about getting into a fight with his girl and how it’s probably his fault, as men are usually the unfaithful ones. Our poor dear Honoka is probably thinking something along these same lines at this point.

Honoka worries because they haven’t heard from them yet, and then worries because he’s with Suzuka. But I thought he handled the conversation with her in a wonderfully gentle manner with the way he talked to her on the phone and tried to reassure her that everything would be ok.

He then calls his dad to lend him some money so that Suzuka can at least stay in a nice hotel for the night.

While they wait Suzuka asks about how he and Honoka ended up together. He says being with her makes him feel calm, and then Suzuka gets all uppity. He calls her on it - good on him! It’s true, she did ask.

His dad shows up and declares that Suzuka won’t be staying in a hotel - she’s coming home with them. So we get to see Yamato’s family. They make fun of him as much as Suzuka does!. Maybe that’s why he’s so drawn to her. They say that women often look for men that remind them of their fathers, and vice versa for men.. haha.

Later Yamato asks her if she wants to see the fireflies, but she gets offended at his offer and says no. But after she overhears him telling Honoka that he’ll be home that night she suddenly she wants to see the fireflies. Hmmmmmmmmm. Then we have the scene where Yamato pretends to confess to Suzuka, and she gets pretty into it. Looks like she’s starting to realize her own feelings. This should definitely make things extra interesting from here on in.

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  1. Mohammad Says:

    The scene where Yamato worries about talking in his own Hiroshima dialect in front of Suzuka was funny. This guy’s antics never cease to amaze me.

    I liked how Honoka checked on Yamato’s situation. I knew she was on the phone before she even spoke for the first time because Suzuka’s face turned pale as she handed the phone to Yamato (serves her right). You’re right, the way Yamato handled the conversation was very nice.

    My real complaint this episode was the last scene on the bridge. Why did Yamato agree to Suzuka’s request about doing a confession?! Is he really such a pushover who is manipulated easily by women? He could have easily and politely refused to do so. It seems that the problem is not with Honoka but rather with Yamato. Maybe Honoka deserves better.

  2. crimson Says:

    i havent watch since episoed 12 due to busy schedule.

    but based on what i recall from manga, suzuka and yamato were trying to watch fireflies on the bridge and they were talking a bit and the topic lead to yamato mentioning his planned confession with this young crush failed horrendously.

    so, suzuka was curious about how he would have gone on to confess - aka, the part of the confession that was in his plan but failed to get it executed.
    That’s the plan about yamato using the flower on the confession. In the manga, it was quite well portrayed. Not sure if they retained the idea here.

  3. crimson Says:

    sorry, typo, i’ll like to rephrase the end part of my 1 paragraph too: “and the topic lead to yamato mentioning his confession attempt on this young crush that failed horrendously. That was during his junior school days.”

  4. flaronix Says:

    wow… nice firefly … suzuka is so fake lolz… she is gonna step in to create a triangle i guess =) nice complication … The show would end in 26 eps i think haha..

  5. crimson Says:

    i suspect…that will be season 1…

  6. kawaii Says:

    I just watched this amazing episode, and I absolutely loved it. Quite the predicament Yamato is in now that his feelings for Suzuka have been revitalized. From the looks of the preview for the next episode, he and Honoka may not be together for too much longer. Although, I am very happy that he’s finally with someone who’s nice and thoughtful and doesn’t play games. My boyfriend thinks that Suzuka is a psychobitch and believes that Yamato should stay with the nice one.

    We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next episode. Can’t wait. :)

  7. Kylaran Says:

    I’ve read the manga up to volume seven, and quite frankly, I like the manga for Suzuka’s indecisiveness. I’m waiting for to have volume 8 sent to me, but for now, the anime’s keep very close to the manga.

    I personally think Yamato is the one in confusion. I’ve heard too many people talk of how Suzuka is the one at fault, and yet Yamato seems to be the one causing this very serious beauty to become confused. We can stop the Suzuka bashing, and see how much of an ass Yamato is because, if people haven’t noticed, he dosen’t exactly have romantic interests in Honoka, but is still going out with her.

    But then again, since they’re both confused throughout every episode, it really brings the chaos and instability factor to an anime that revolves around the topic of sports, making it quite different from other animes.

    Sorry if I sound like a ‘tard.

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