September 17, 2005

Suzuka 11

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Soooo Kazuki and Arima should have been rivals. Yamato and Arima become rivals. The similarities continue…

Arima is an arrogant jerk and I don’t like him one bit. Yep, Suzuka’s apology wasn’t sincere and she continued to take shots at him, but he has no right to physically intimdate Suzuka like that and to rub it in that the guy she likes is dead. And then to allow his lackeys to bully her too, was way out of line. Nope, I don’t like him one bit.

Yamato was awesome for sucking up his poor me feelings and going to stand up for her. Lol, well it was sort of standing up for her I guess. At least he got his butt back on the track.

Of course in this episode we get another classic example of Yamato speaking before he thinks, and he ends up having to run against the #1 sprinter in the high school. Ok, so he started off by doing something smart (trying to help Suzuka), but it turns out it was really stupid (he ended up challenging the #1 sprinter), and he mayhave lost, but even Suzuka can see just how hard he tried to win, and Yamato himself was for once giving his all in something.

To end off, my favourite line in this episode comes from our dear sweet lunkhead Yamato: “I can’t stand a guy that makes Asahina cry.” How sweet!

My favourite moment? When our lovely ice princess has a melty moment and tends to Yamato’s hurting knees. Could she have put more bandaids on? Ahaha.

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  1. Mentar Says:

    Ice princess alright. She can’t cook, she can’t apply bandages… scary girl ^_^;;

    What I consider most memorable for this episode was the brilliant way Hattori handled Yamato first and finally Suzuka. “This idiot - and all of a sudden the whole enmity of the guy has transferred over to him”, omitting the “…instead of you, Suzuka” out in order not to trigger her instant-denial defense and letting her complete the obvious inside her own head. He’s really a good friend and knows exactly how to handle her.

    Anyway, the weaker parts of the show are over. The really good stuff is about to begin end of ep12. W00t!

  2. Mohammad Says:

    It’s official: Suzuka is pathetic!! I really really loath that woman. I can’t remember when I last hated a female anime character like that but it’s probably been years!!

    Next episode is the moment of truth. Will Honoka have the guts to do it?! Then again, what am I so happy about?! Even if she confesses to Yamato then it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will leave Suzuka and even if he did then it will probably be for a short time. That’s what happens when the entire show is named after the character I hate the most >_> I demand a spinoff show dedicated to Honoka *_*

  3. crimson Says:

    lol, anyway, my current rankings in terms of characters and uhm…designs:
    1. honoka
    2. miki
    3. suzuka
    4. the rest

    no, i dont hate anyone. I just pity yamato.

  4. crimson Says:

    anyway, if i recall correctly, in the manga, the president(?) of the track team (forgot his name, but it’s that ‘bronze’ dude that miyamoto talks to sometimes) choke holds yamato in asks in a comical way why the hell have he been skipping training.

  5. Ren Says:

    Mentar - I’m amazed that these are considered the “weaker” parts of the show as I’ve very much enjoyed the series so far. Hattori continues to amaze me with his incredible ability to read each of the characters and respond appropriately. Though he’s Yamato’s best friend, it often feels like he’s much more than that - someone working in the background like the rest of the characters are all chess pieces and he’s the one moving them into place. He’s one of the best “side” characters I’ve ever seen!

    Mohammed - I’m as critical as Suzuka as the next person, but I really have a softer opinion of her now. She’s a person in pain, and people often act stupidly when they are in pain. The key will be to see if she can let go of her pain eventually and move on.

    Crimson - I don’t hate anyone on the show either, I find the characters all too realistic to hate.

  6. Mentar Says:

    You’ll see, they ARE the weaker parts of the show ^_^

    At least that’s the combined opinion of 4 other people I talked to who know the manga, in addition to my own. I’m VERY much looking forward to the following episodes. At least, they will be incredibly satisfying. And I’m not just talking about the impending mizugi eye candy ^_^

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