September 13, 2005

Suzuka 10

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The piano music as Suzuka stood at Kazuki’s grave was really beautiful. I think this episode as a whole brings a whole new perspective to Suzuka’s personality. It gives you a better understanding of why she is the way she is all the time, and why she reacts to Yamato so strongly.

All the similarities Yamato has; being a rocket starter, a sprinter, his looks, must be a knife in her heart every day.

I think Yamato did the right thing by not talking to Suzuka at the grave yard. It could be the most mature thing he’s done so far. It just wouldn’t be the right place and time. But i do feel that his actions at the end of the episode were very very immature. Really, the guy should think before he speaks. He really deserved that slap.

I don’t think Yamato is quite right about Suzuka using him as a replacement. If that were the case I think she’d be nicer to him more of the time. Instead, she seems to want to like Yamato but when she feels she’s getting too close to him she may feel that she is betraying her feelings for Kazuki. And when Yamato says or does something that reminds her of Kazuki she usually lashes out. If she was using him, I think she’d cling to him a bit more.

Oh, and it looks to me like Suzuka’s drive to perfection started as a way to prove something to Kazuki, and now is probably partly an homage to him.

Great, emotional episode that gives more depth to the title character.

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  1. Dark One Says:

    Where can i get the suzuka soundtrack and also where can i get the lyrics for the piano ones. I want to try it out

  2. Ren Says:

    No idea on the lyrics. As for the soundtrack: Google is your friend ;)

  3. Dark One Says:

    i tried google,yahoo,jeeves. but all of them dont give me a suzuka soundtrack but the opening and enind theme.
    I mainly want the piano songs. but thax for ur help

  4. hil Says:

    hi have the soundtrack OST.

  5. Ren Says:

    Um, what?

  6. Konoko Says:

    i got it at

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