September 3, 2005

Suzuka 9

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Suzuka has issues partly having to do with Yamato being a naive doofus, partly because he reminds her of photograph boy, and partly because of whatever went on *with* photograph boy. But who am I to judge? So do I. Said issues have caused her meanness towards Yamato to reach a new level.

Yamato works really hard at track so as not to look like a fool in front of Suzuka. He’s going to have to find more of a motivation than that (like, for instance - actually enjoying the sport??) if he’s going to stick with this for any length of time. Otherwise he’s just going to dislike running and end up quitting.

It’s really sad the way he goes running to her for praise and gets so completely and utterly shut down. I want to criticize Suzuka for being so harsh, and it’s not like I think what she did was right, but really, Yamato is wrong to look for his affirmation in another person, no matter who it is. And he’s even more wrong to be seeking track results just to impress a girl.

2 Responses to “Suzuka 9”

  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    We all know Yamato’s reasons for joining track isn’t pure but I’ll bet Suzuka’s reason for joining track might be along the same line as he is but something happened along the way as well.

  2. crimson Says:

    well, yamato’s just a high school student.
    I think it’s fair enough he does something to try and get the attention of someone he perceives as that… worthy.
    I wish there’s someone that motivates me that way too or vice versa :P
    uhm, oh second thoughts..

    anyway, i think if he does gets suzu’s attention, he may then be looking for other meanings for remaining in track. I’m sure he and suzu will then seek out new goals and reasons to justify/motivate their stay.

    So, i would say “getting suzu’s attention” sounds like a fair initial goal to a high school-er…or actually..for anyone else. Though, that may be to the detriment of the track and field club since “real commitment” is yet to be one of the underlying reasons for joining the club.

    But, that may change as time goes by. So, if i’m a track president, i would welcome them with open arms and eventually try and convince them to include the club in their plans (from “just attention seeking” to “attention seeking plus the desire to achieve something big for the club”).

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