April 22, 2006

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni 2

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I think I’m getting used to Rena’s cutesy voice. My problem with the first episode was that it really seemed like everything was way too cheery for a horror series. However, the second episode definitely ups the creep factor and makes the oftentimes ultra-genkiness of the characters more disturbing than annoying (like the card game they played where Rika exclaimed in her sweet voice, “It’s better to do it slowly with poison” ^_^;;).

You get the feeling now that everyone has a secret, and the imagination runs wild as to just what they might be hiding.

I wish the animation would get a little better. The music is good during the dramatic/scary scenes, but the happy-happy music sounds a bit cheesy and kind of bugs me.

Imperfections aside, I’m dying (pun intended) to know who/what’s behind all of the murders, and how the girls are connected, and why Keichi turns into a psychoclubbingmaniac. Oh! And why in the classroom scene Rena worries that she herself might be the next victim. She’s kinda scary and I think she’s a bit homicidal. I would’ve pegged her as a killer, not a victim (She’s SO creepy and I nearly wet my pants when she went on her rant about lying). Then again, there’s the beginning of the first episode to take into consideration. Hmmm….

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  1. Zero Says:

    You’re two episodes behind and let me tell you the creepy factor gets raised soon. ^^

    In episode four you find out why Keichi does what he does as the end result of the first scenario. Apparently there’s going to be five different clue gathering scenarios and two answer scanrios (each one is the story repeated in a different direction to show you deeper into what’s happening (don’t quote me on any of this, most of it’s found on forums =P )).

    BTW, if you want the latest eps, check ‘We are IN Denial’ - WIND’s releases of it at either or .

  2. Ren Says:

    Ohhh, I know I’m behind. I’ve watched the eps, just haven’t had time to blog them! >.

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