April 14, 2006

Black Cat 23

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Final Episode!

Ok, now that it’s over I have some questions. Aside from Creed needing a reason to be jealous and hateful, and the fact that Train liked her - what was Saya’s role? I guess she was a catalyst to changing the way Train thinks about killing people. But I kept waiting and waiting for her to come back though. Well ok, it’s just that I wanted Saya to have more of a role in the series, instead of making such an early exit. She should’ve come back from the dead or something. However, I think it would’ve bugged me more if she had. Dead people should stay dead.

Another question I have is - what the freaking heck was the point of the Saki episode? They never went anywhere with that. Did I miss something?

Anyway, everything works out in the end, of course. Everyone is happy. I’m glad that they saved Eve, I’m glad Eve chose to stay with Sven, and I’m also glad that Train went off on his own because if he’d stayed with them it would’ve seemed too happy familyish.

I just think they some things unresolved, and that bothers me. But, imperfections aside, I can’t deny that Black Cat was a fun ride from start to finish. Great music. Great animation. Enjoyable characters. Interesting plot. Good stuff! And I can keep hoping that there’ll be a second season, right?

I’ll definitely be buying the R1’s, and you should too!

One final note: How cute is Eve with short hair?

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  1. crimson Says:

    i cant figure out why sven dropped his cigarette when he saw eve’s new hairdo. Like…is it an imitation of the style of someone eve thinks sven might like and sven noticed that intention or?

    i’m not sure about the purpose of saki’s arc too. But it seems to me to be a way of better understanding saya’s background and lineage. Perhaps, its also a reversed of role. Its to indicate to Train that its good to have company/more help sometimes rather than soloing even though you’re quite accustomed to the situation.

    Come to think of it, to protect their prince of hope even though some diviner said its going to bring disaster kinda relates it to eve’s situation. Though it could be mere coincidence.

    The animation sequence is pretty good. The music is good too. This is one of the fewer animes that i really really like even though they dont seem to display basic physic laws in it (like…jumping sky high).

    I hope there’s a season 2. Bcos my friend speak of an ‘evolution’ to the character’s ability later on but that wasnt showcased yet.

  2. crimson Says:

    i forgot to say… the last episode (23) doesnt has as much action part episode 22. I was kinda disappointed in that manner.

    But its nice to see things get wrapped up. I guess i cant ask for too much since this isnt headed towards a tragic ending where things usually end with a bang after a ultimate plan/skill execution where everyone finally gets trapped for impending debris burial while smiling n holding each others hands.

    Ending off gently isnt so bad at all.

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  4. 자먼 Says:

    i love this anime!….too bad its only 23 episodes…sob* sob*…T.T….anyways, i love the song saya/saki sang ^-^ its soo….soft and calming…..♪fura fura…furuin, omoi sasete♪…

  5. Sally Says:

    YEAH, BLACK CAT ROX!!!!!!!

  6. Zxc Says:

    I really like the show, but it’s so short. I love the ending song, it’s so soft and…nice. I love the Chronos Numbers. Too bad there are so little episodes about them. They should make one special episode JUST about them.

  7. LunaOtakuGurl Says:

    i wish there was another season…i want 2 see more of Train.=^.^=

  8. shellax Says:

    Whoa?! that’s the ending???? It only took me 1 week to finish that and I don’t get the characters real identity in here! ( This is so sad coz I want to know them more…)aughh! oh please, if they want to produce a good anime, make it more interesting and attractive. my money sucks if they do. In fact, this is also a good anime but it lucks many info…(It so sad..)

  9. Cloud Strife Says:

    yea…its a shame the series consist of only 23 episodes im hoping they will consider the fans and think about continuing the series.

  10. arifah Says:

    i love this anime! they have a great story,great song and great characters’s so sad that its only contained 23episodes.i do hope they will shows this anime again and i really hope there a season 2.this all for now…. all i can say is I LOVEEE BLACK CAT!!!

  11. Ambrose Says:

    I have to agree with the main review, the wholeseries was good, but not great, Saya should have had a greater role. She did not have to fall in love with Train or anything, but perhaps stuck with him on some missions, since they did make a great team together. But if that had happened and Saysa had not died I think that Train and Saya would have been some how romantically involved. Cause she was slowly growing on him. As for the other girl, Saki which reminded Train of Saya, umm was that a dream or something cause he suddenly out of nowhere finds Sven and Eve. I am not too sure… I wonder if they bring her back for the second season, assuming the make it.

  12. jeff (Divination Power) Says:

    I love this show.

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