August 14, 2005

Basilisk 13

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Basilisk reminds me of The x-files: 90% of the time it’s dark and raining. Are we ever going to get any episodes that take place entirely in the daylight? Daytime can be scary and ominous too ya know.

I hate Zaemon. I hate him I hate him I hate him. The other ninjas just want to kill one another to knock people off the list so their side will win. Zaemon seems to enjoy not only the physical killing, but the murder of Hotarubi’s soul. Have I mentioned that I hate him? It’s so not fair that he gets to live and Hotarubi died. I want to believe that he felt a pang of guilt as he watched Hotarubi’s butterflies disappear into the night, but that doesn’t seem likely in light of his previous actions.

Jingoro is gross, everything from his voice to the way he looks. I hope he’s the next Iga to die. Heh.

The shots of the hawk interspersed with the scenes of Tenzen and Oboro are an excellent juxtaposition symbolizing an animal approaching its prey. The intensity of the scenes are further aided by the well placed background music.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 4

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An intense and action packed episode. It was fabulous to see Tessa doing something useful besides sitting and staring at Sousuke. I’ve always wondered what makes her so special that she already holds such a high position in Mithril, but she really came through this time.

The fight scene between Mao and Xia Yu Lan was beautifully fluid, a real treat to the eyes.

I could say more, but I’m heading back over to Ai-Kon for the final day.

August 13, 2005

Suzuka 5

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Thanks to my holiday I’m ridiculously behind in blogging and feeling quite overwhelmed. So to catch up a little quicker I’m going to skip the synopsis part of things and focus on my thoughts about the episodes. Besides, I’m sure all of these eps have already been covered in depth by other bloggers.

After the incident in the rain, Suzuka is noticeabl cold to Yamato and outright avoiding him. He actions make him think she doesn’t like him, but then he thinks about how she clung to him in the rain and he ends up just being confused.

When he overhears her talking to another guy and thinks he’s hitting on her, he gets all jealous and protective.

From then on every mention of couples reminds him of the scene he witnessed and makes him agitated. Even seeing Gorou-chan’s girlfriend (that would be the cat) makes him think of Suzuka and the boy and it pisses him off. Lol, it’s like the whole world is rubbing it in his face today.

I nearly died laughing watching Yamato belt out Karaoke at the top of his lungs to try to relieve some of his stress and confusion. Hattori’s never ceases to amuse me, and Honoka’s comment about an indirect kiss made me giggle and reminded me of my bible college dorm days. One of my dormmates had a boyfriend and we used to tease her all the time that whenever she held his hand she was having hand sex. The poor sheltered girl would flush bright red every time.

It was hilarious seeing Suzuka get all red faced and flustered when her senpai said Yamato is her type, right in front of Yamato. Even funnier when she freaks out and hits him with her schoolbag.

Even though Suzuka is having a really hard time admitting that she likes him, I think she took a step in the right direction when she talked to him about her sister. At the very least it seems her trust in him as a friend seems to be growing.

When Yamato brings up the incident in the rain, she says she was just trying to get away from the car and that it didn’t mean anything, much to Yamato’s disappointment. But then a thunderclap makes her leap onto him again. This time she blames it on her foot falling asleep. She’s sooooo in denial.

And of course when he’s on the verge of confessing the power comes back on and Suzuka immediately pulls away and hurries to her room. The next day she’s back to her old self, being mean and picking on him.

My sides were hurting when Yamato was reading his horoscope. He’s so incredibly naive. It’s funny how he takes the advice about blue underwear seriously, but he laughs his face off at the notion of just *telling* her that he likes her.

A great episode where Yamato comes to a solid understanding of his feelings for suzuka. I was really rooting for him when he came so close to confessing at the end, but I can understand his worry that if he tells her he likes her and he gets rejected he may be sacrificing the friendship they are building. But in relationships risks must be taken if they are to even have the hope of becoming something more. Hopefully Yamato will decide that the risks are worth taking and he’ll finally confess to her. Even more, I hope that Suzuka can come to terms with her feelings for Yamato. It’s obviously causing her alot of internal conflict, not to mention the stress she inflicts on Yamato with her bipolar tendencies.

A little poorer, a lot happier

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Well, you can send me all the way to Europe but you can’t stop me from buying anime/manga while I’m there. Heh. Here’s what I picked up in Amsterdam:

Day 2 of Ai-Kon is underway. (I missed day 1 because my flight home was delayed so I got in too late). I browsed through the dealer’s room and ended up getting a couple of posters, 2 for $5.00!!, and the first three volumes of the Kare Kano manga. I still have a bit of money left, so I might go back and get volumes four and five of Kare Kano tomorrow.

Image hosted by

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Home sweet home!

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I’m back from Europe and it was a blast! I’m so grateful I was able to spend time with my awesome friends.

But oh man I’m behind in all the series I’m watching. I’m never going to get caught up :|

Ah well, I’ll watch a couple eps before heading off to the convention. Heh.

August 1, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane..

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But I do know when I’ll be back. I’m leaving for The Netherlands for a fun filled 8 days with some great friends! Huzzah for vacations! I’ll be returning on August 12, but then heading off immediately to Ai-kon! The number one anime convention in Manitoba.

Click on the image for more info on Ai-Kon.

See you all in a couple of weeks!


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