August 14, 2005

Basilisk 13

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Basilisk reminds me of The x-files: 90% of the time it’s dark and raining. Are we ever going to get any episodes that take place entirely in the daylight? Daytime can be scary and ominous too ya know.

I hate Zaemon. I hate him I hate him I hate him. The other ninjas just want to kill one another to knock people off the list so their side will win. Zaemon seems to enjoy not only the physical killing, but the murder of Hotarubi’s soul. Have I mentioned that I hate him? It’s so not fair that he gets to live and Hotarubi died. I want to believe that he felt a pang of guilt as he watched Hotarubi’s butterflies disappear into the night, but that doesn’t seem likely in light of his previous actions.

Jingoro is gross, everything from his voice to the way he looks. I hope he’s the next Iga to die. Heh.

The shots of the hawk interspersed with the scenes of Tenzen and Oboro are an excellent juxtaposition symbolizing an animal approaching its prey. The intensity of the scenes are further aided by the well placed background music.

9 Responses to “Basilisk 13”

  1. KT Kore Says:

    Am I the only one that finds Jingoro ridiculously funny? He’s a riot. I love his melting scenes, with his messed up, computerized-sounding voice — “MIIIIZUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! MIIZUUUUUUAAAHHHHHHHH *GASPS*” ^_^;

  2. kawaii Says:

    I crack up whenever Jingoro makes any type of facial expression, especially when he’s in shock – absolutely hilarious. :mrgreen:

  3. Ren Says:

    Yuck, he’s soo disgusting. Whenever he talks I get the shivers, like when someone runs their fingernails down a chalkboard.

  4. F17 Says:

    Why do you hate Zaemon soo much?JUst because he killed ur fav chara-HOtarubi?Well, the Iga clan did kill his sis, Okoi..Bleh…

  5. sarah Says:

    Hi, and thank you for making such a cute page on basilisk. it totally rocks. but please dont hate saemon. i think he purposely let Hotarubi know it was him so at least she could have some sort of revenge. I don’t think it was a fluke that he left that bandage on his finger. He was honorable in giving her a chance to to avenge Yashamaru and knowing who her true killer was.

  6. ronin6401 Says:

    I disagree with your opinion of Saemon. While it’s true Saemon’s actions were intended to mentally unbalance Hotarubi so he could kill her more easily, one has to remember that the Iga and Koga are both ninjas. And ninjas, after you strip away all the myths and legends surrounding them, were really nothing more than profesional killers who handled business the samurai aristocracy didn’t want to dirty its hands with. Regardless, you can tell if you watch closely that Saemon didn’t want to kill her but was obligated to avenge his sister’s death (family and loyalty has always been a cornerstone of Japanese society). He pretended to be Yashamaru after stabbing her so Hotarubi would die in peace and even prayed for her after she fell over the cliff. His actions may be ruthless, but they aren’t evil.

  7. monkey_b Says:

    Yeah, I hate Saemon, too. Something about him just gives me the creeps. And I HAAAATE that he basically killed Yashamaru and Hotarubi.. and only couple in the series so far who got to truly share love.

    With that said, I don’t think he really enjoyed killing Hotarubi. In fact, and correct me if I’m wrong.. but I kind of got the weird sense that he was a little infatuated with her, or at least shared some type of connection with her other than as his enemy. Every time he thought of her, images of Hotarubi running towards him with tears in her eyes (when he was still in disguise as Yashamaru) juxtaposed with her cursing him and called him a “sonofabitch” flash through his mind.. and I think that really drives the point home.

    But, I don’t think he actually morphed into Yashamaru as Hotarubi was dying. She was already kind of hallucinating, and he just gave her the slightest of nods for her sake…. bah, it was a really sad scene. And I cried like a baby, =P.

  8. Anjiska Says:

    Ok, I really can’t believe how many people hate Saemon and I can’t understand why. So I will try to say something in his defense,ok? I think that Saemon is actually more human than the others and has bigger conscience . People are usually accusing him for killing Hotarubi. Well, sorry but didn’t she desperately wanted to kill him??? Don’t get me wrong, I really liked both Hotarubi and Yashamaru. I think that saemon didn’t realy want to kill Hotarubi. Do you remember that scene when he killed her butterfly (when he was chasing her), he started to remember her and situations that occurred between them. He remembered her running to him, mistaking him for Yashamaru and then her despair when she find out that he just took Yasamaru’s face. Do you remember his face expression then? He looked really down. He wasn’t happy at all. I think that he understood how she felt and that he felt a little guilty and that was the reason why he decided to let her go. HELLO PEOPLE, yes, he actually let her go. Their clans were fighting, trying to kill each other and his sister was raped and killed by an Iga, so he had a reason to try and kill her, but he decided to let her go. Pay attention on his face when hi is watching her dieing, not a happy one, right? Rather a sad one. And he nodded with his head so she could die in peace and also said a prayer. In manga he commented that she is cute. I don’t know but I can’t help thinking he had a little crush on her. Ah yes, one more thing, in manga he also said that he normaly wouldn’t kill a woman but his sister was killed by all of them. Think little about that before you say bad stuff about him.

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