October 7, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: 1

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My Enma Ai returns! I have so been looking forward to this second season of Jigoku Shoujo. Seriously. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the first season because they spent so much time on the episodic side of things and less on the overarching plot. But I have more forgiveness for it. I think there was a little nugget of information about Ai and her cohorts in every episode, and that was enough to keep me hooked.

This season picks up where the last one left off and we get to see Ai’s first meeting with the creepy spider. Then the episode pretty much follows the pattern of the previous season, with a few slight changes. I won’t go over them here, you’ll just have to go watch. :p Also, I’ve only watched this raw so I can’t really comment on much anyway XD.

There was no OP this time around, but the ED song was pretty with some absolutely stunning images of Ai. I love Ai. I think she’s absolutely beautiful, and I am always drawn to mysterious and melancholy characters. When I look at her eyes I just see this terribly deep sadness and my heart goes out to her. I often feel tears burning my eyes when I look at her and I truly wish to help take her pain away, help her find solace. I feel this way about many people in my real life.

I do hope that this season tells us more about the histories of the rest of her team, and her beginnings as Jigoku Shoujo. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that.

P.S. Browsed Geegle lately? *chuckles*

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  1. Mohammad Says:

    Yes, It’s always nice to hear Mamiko sing the ending again. I love sad quiet ending songs.

    Although I’m not a fan of this show, I really like Enma Ai simply because of her tragic appearance. She has an atmosphere of despair surrounding her. Looking at her deep red eyes makes me think they are about to burst into tears any moment. She is indeed an icon of suffering.

    Oh and welcome back to the blogging community (^_^)

  2. 4Ran Says:

    I wish this season to be better thn the first one.. i really like this serias.. Ai-Chan is a very unq charcter…

  3. Abell Says:

    since I watch the first season, I like the story very much, it seems sad, but it shows ones darkness,fear, and the revengefulness of a human.

  4. Enma's twin Says:

    All those people with darkness in their hearts and souls may rest in the depths of hell….everyday there is always someoene hating…someoene is being hated….one’s death causes another’s….

  5. kyoshiro mibu Says:

    this anime shows how humans really are and that we have made this small planet called earth into a miserable place that shows no mercy to not one it shows the law of one mmorpg game i play ” no mercy for the weak , no pity for the dying, no tears for the slain

  6. kristelle vencer Says:

    Mistress Enma Ai in one of a kind!
    i really like her!
    The artists of jigoku shoujo are really really talented!

  7. emma angelie nicole Says:

    i wish this season has more grudge than the first one!!!!!!!!!!

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