March 31, 2006

Black Cat 21

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It was sweet to see Train say to Sven that Even is important to him too. I’m glad that they left this arc until after the Creed arc was wrapped up, because now they have actual experiences that would bind them together and make feelings of affection understandable to those of us who are watching. They’ve been through a lot together, and in many ways they are a family. They’re even dysfunctional like the majority of us!

We also had the return of two great characters: Rin and Kyouko. Well, Rin was back last episode but at least she had a few more lines this time. And Kyouko! I love Kyouko! There’s just something about her, which is odd, actually, since characters of her ultra-genki nature usually annoy the crap out of me.

Anyway… The bad guys continue their quest to achieve “world peace”. But apparently their idea of peace is to turn everyone into mindless robots. So is that really peace? Does peace mean the absence of conflict through absolute control? Or does it mean a place where conflict is acceptable but gone about in such a fashion that always considers the other party, where there is mutual respect? Personally, I would choose the latter. But hey, that’s why they’re the bad guys! If their intentions and methods were good, BC! & Co. wouldn’t have a reason to fight them, and then we wouldn’t have a reason to watch the anime, and where’s the fun in that?

Ps. “Adam” looks like a girl. ^_^;;

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