March 13, 2006

Black Cat 17

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Awesome fight scene to start off this episode, though to be honest I have no idea who was doing the fighting. I’m having issues keeping characters straight. Heck, I’m just having issues. But the fight between Train and No. 10 was kickass, including the music.

We learn that the Chronos Organization, lead by Number 10, is behind gathering the sweepers to wipe out Creed and the Apostles of the Star. Train is upset by their “whatever it takes to get the mission completed” attitude, which to me shows how he’s different now than from the beginning episodes when he first met Saya.

Seems his few conversations with her really changed him. I guess. Thinking back, it was a pretty quick turnaround in my mind. I know that sometimes one conversation can be life-altering but, you know, I don’t think I like how little explanation/struggle we got to bring Train from being a so-called “dog of Chronos” who doesn’t care what he has to do to get a mission done, to being someone who’s offended by that very idea.

Stunning episode however, with a lovely cliffhanger at the end.

I continue to love the colour palettes used in each scene. The reds, the blues, the greens and purples… the glittering shells that the little girl was holding on to… it’s all so gorgeous. The use of light and shows lends a wonderful depth to the animation. I am sometimes it reminded of Gankutsuou in a way.

3 Responses to “Black Cat 17”

  1. crimson Says:

    if number 10 is that cloth using person…i think its a he :P

    yeah, visually, the story pace presented to us seems to have a pretty quick transition like in the stance of black cat.

    But we gotta remember that in between, black cat and co spent a lot of time getting hungry and eating fried bread crumbs. Those days are supposed to add more meaning to his subsequent attitude and perceptions.

  2. Ren Says:

    LOL Crimson. Good point.. Ahahahaha.

    Ps. Did I call No. 10 a girl anywhere?

  3. crimson Says:

    i quote “Seems his few conversations with -her- really changed him.”

    ooooops! sorry about it, i misread the -her- up there as referring to no. 10 this morning.

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