January 7, 2006

Basilisk 21

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So we finally, finally learn Tenzen’s weakness – burning or beheading. (hmm, sounds vampiric doesn’t it..) Too bad the only Kouga who knows this is Zaemon and, well, he kinda kicked the bucket.

This episode continues the “Tenzen is a horrible monster” theme as he forces himself upon Kagero. They kiss and he “dies” but since that doesn’t fall under the category of fire or beheading, he’ll most certainly be back.

Earlier in the episode Kagero was meeting with Gennosuke and she told him that she’d killed Oboro. His response was “Well done.” It’s sad how desperate she is to have him love her, and that she would throw her whole life away just to be next to him. Gennosuke’s response also saddened me at first. That is, until Kagero tried to throw his words in Oboro’s face. She didn’t respond by getting sad. Oh no no! She knew that’s what he would say. That’s right, our Oboro knows her man.

I feel as though I am rambling about nothing. I blame the tiny amount of sleep I’ve been getting these days.

In conclusion… glad to see another episode of Basilisk, though the events of this episode left me queasy in some parts, a tad bored in others. I wish they’d get the show on the road already. Oh, and animation quality was down this time around. Their faces looked downright weird at times.

Three to go…

3 Responses to “Basilisk 21”

  1. Sirène Says:

    Talk about sheer violation… LOL, as much as I find this anime a tad too mysoginistic (wasn’t the original novel written back in the 40’s/50’s?), I still would like to see it through to the end. I just wished half the women didn’t have to use some form of sex appeal to activate their powers (Okoi, Kagerou, and oddly enough, it seems Akeginu needs to be topless to condense blood) or they didn’t have to be held hostage in the most sexually alluring positions. And the rape scenes could be toned down too…

    The episode was great… FINALLY! Saemon gets his just deserts for killing off my Hotarubi. His death was ironic (then again, most of their deaths are related to their powers) as he was killed by his own ninja art- deception. This was one of those episodes that actually thrilled me all the way through… unlike some of the episodes mid-season when 75% of the parts were *yawn*. I’m just so confused with the geographical locations… Oh and also, does Oboro know Tenzen returned?

    It was pretty cool to see a flashback of Yashamaru too.

  2. red Says:

    the only thing i hoped is that Oboro doesn’t get raped. And we all know that the kouga clan will be the winner. and again, i hope Oboro doesn’t get raped

  3. Ryu Says:

    As long as the final battle is not between Oboro and Gennosuke and both die.

    Wait a minute, Hotarubi was a sadistic killer like Tenzen, she took pleasure in what she did and got just what she deserved.

    I hope Gennosuke will be able to behead Tenzen, i’m fed up of Tenzen, he is an unhonourable man.

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