December 31, 2005

Black Cat: 11

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Tired.. sick.. busy.. no feel like bloggy.. Ren go sleepy now.

Ps. Black Cat rules, and not only because Train sings, in english(/engrish), a song all about milk.

Trust me. It’s hilarious.

6 Responses to “Black Cat: 11”

  1. Mohammad Says:

    Don’t you think that the fat guy with the beard looks a lot like Jousuke from Basilisk and he seems energetic like him as well?

  2. Mohammad Says:

    By the way, you can check my 2005 year review if you want.

  3. Ren Says:

    TOTALLY! You’re so right. Haha.

    And look - you have a blog!!! I’ll definitely be reading it, and I’ll add you to my blog list as soon as I finish making my lunch :)

  4. crimson Says:

    The imitation cat is so funny.

    I like the part where fat cat thinks that the nano girl is touched to tears when he stands before the apostle gunnie as a shield for her. But, the sudden change back to reality showed us otherwise.

  5. crimson Says:

    Btw, merry xmas and a happy new year people!!

  6. niki Says:

    um…can anyone tell me how u can watch the episode on here …. pleaase reply to my website…my website sucks soo laught as much as u can when u get to see it

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