December 8, 2005

Basilisk 20

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Omygosh! I almost lost hope that any more Basilisk would ever be released. Please please don’t let it be months again before the next episode is released. There are only four more to go!

The flashback with Tenzen and Ogen was quite informative. He saw that Ogen couldn’t kill Danjo, which might have made his disgust over Oboro not being able to kill Gennosuke all the more intense. He probably thinks women are weak and can’t make good decisions or be good leaders because they end up having feelings for some guy, which would of course mean he, with his lack of human emotion/compassion, would obviously be better fit as a leader. HA. You vile man. You have no consideration for human life and would make a horrible leader. I hope you die…. errrr… stay dead.

The battle between Kagero and Akeginu was amazingly intense. We really got to see the power of Akeginu’s emotions propel her. And even though Zaemon was part of the plot to lure Akeginu to Kagero, it seems he may be starting to feel remorse over what’s been happening between the two clans.

4 episodes to go and only Oboro remains of the Iga. I can’t wait to see how this is going to end! (But I’ll probably have to.. a long long time.. sigh..)

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  1. Mohammad Says:

    If Zaemon is starting to feel remorse, I think it’s a little too late. Judging from how Basilisk has been going so far, Zaemon is probably the next victim and he will die on the hands of Tenzen. If that will indeed happen, we will be left with 2 people in each clan: Gennosuke and Kagero from the Kouga and Oboro and Tenzen (poor Oboro!!) from the Iga

    It’s strange that Ogen had white hair in that flashback. She didn’t look old at all, unless it’s some sort of genetic condition that causes her hair to go all white at an early age.

    I hope we get to know Tenzen’s power origin at some point. There must be a way to take him down for good. (Maybe by piercing his ears where the circular marks lie)

  2. Sirène Says:

    I think he did feel a little remorse as he saw a human side in Akeginu, perhaps even a reflection of Okoi… but you’re right about one thing- it’s a little too late. There’s no way they’ll stop now with all the people that’s dead. It’s a shame that neither Hotarubi nor Akeginu could exact their revenge… perhaps emotion is also a large propelling factor to death. Most of the characters’ deaths were not fair fights, and involved drama and heightened emotions.

    I don’t care anymore for the remaining characters, but I’d still like to watch to see Kagerou get the axe lol.

    Does Akeginu have to be topless to activate her powers? lol.

    And I don’t think Tenzen wants to be the leader… I just think he wants some pride and honor restored back to their clan. And he feels it’s his reponsibility to push his leaders to the limit of overcoming their emotions and making them see the historical picture of the clan rivalry. He has respect for the leaders solely for their status, but to see them as competent leaders is another story.

    These two conflicting themes (of human emotion VS leadership) are what I love about this show. We all know leaders have great responsibilities, but should there be times when they should stray from those responsiblities because of their emotions? They are human after all.

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