November 9, 2005

Suzuka 18

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We start off with Yamato sitting in his room brooding over the things that Nana had said to him. For a moment he really seemed to grab hold of the fact that he hasn’t invested any time in really getting to know Honoka and was pretty remorseful. However, at the end of the scene his motivation for going to buy Honoka a great birthday present wasn’t to make Honoka happy just to make her happy, but once again just to be a so-called “good boyfriend”, which puts the focus back on him. So even though in the next scene he asked himself what present would make her happy, I had difficulty believing his sincerity. And oh my goodness how unintentionally cruel it was of Yamato to make Suzuka try on that necklace.

And Mentar, you are so right. Hattori has definitely fallen from the pedestal I had him on. But in a way that’s great, the fact that he can be so insightful in some areas and so completely retarded in others makes him a much more realistic, much more human, character. He did say some smart stuff this time around though, like when he told Yamato to put his own embarassment aside and not just think about himself when going to buy Honoka a present.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Honoka’s outfits are so cute? That white sweater with the yellow shirt underneath paired with the adorable blue pleated skirt. Adorable! And then the pink and white outfit? Where does she shop? Do you think such stores exist in reality? I need her wardrobe.

It’s too bad she’s so horribly insecure. She knew Yamato was shopping for her birthday present, and she even heard him say “thanks for your help today” and yet she still had a little freakout, though she seemed to be over it by the next day. That is of course until Yamato blabbered too much and went on and on and on about his shopping excursion with Suzuka, which served to only make her feel insecure again.

Way to ruin her birthday Yamato.

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  1. Kabitzin Says:

    I’ve found that pretty much all the outfits have been pretty good so far! I thought Suzuka’s sweaters were nice looking as well in this episode. It was crazy how Suzuka had to try on that necklace while Yamato stared at her and thought of Honoka.

    Crazy like staring at Yamato and thinking of Tsuda that is!

  2. crimson Says:

    if u ask me about outfits, i think these are much easier to fabricate than the stuffs they use for cosplays. hahaha.

  3. kawaii Says:

    I love Honoka’s outfits, too! :) I felt so bad for her in this episode, though, especially after noticing how happy Yamato looked as he blabbered on about Suzuka. He clearly wasn’t thinking about her feelings at all.

  4. Mohammad Says:

    Once again Yamato proves that he is a unique idiot among idiots. I wonder what would have happened if Honoka was present while Yamato was asking Suzuka to try the necklace? Honoka and Yamato have both managed to overcome all the hurdles in their relationship so far but have finally stumbled on a silly hurdle (Yamato talking about his trip with Suzuka like there is no tomorrow) How ironic!!

    On that note, that newspaper girl is all over the place. She must really be in need of money. She reminds me of “Yo chan” in Mahoraba except that Yo chan is more ditzy.

    If the next episode preview really means what I think it means then I will have some very harsh things to say about Yamato next time.

    By the way, Mentar, if you’re reading this then I would like to tell you that you just made my day with your group’s release of Starship Operators 7–9. I was hoping for a file for each episode though. Thanks a million anyway.

  5. crimson Says:

    mentar belongs to a sub group? :P
    From mohammad’s statement, i deduce it to be ZD.

    i’ve been waiting to get starship operators btw.

  6. Mohammad Says:

    The group’s name is “Zhentarim Divx” which is usually abbreviated as [zx] in their file names. I think that Mentar also does some work for Lunar in subbing Suzuka (probably encoding).

  7. Ren Says:

    Kabitzin - wardrobe is definitely one area where Suzuka shines leaps and bounds above the rest. It’s SO nice to see characters who change their clothes AND have fashion sense.

    Kawaii - I think it was proven long ago that Yamato has problems thinking about anyone else’s feelings lol. He’s a tad slow that boy is. He tries so hard but man he fails so miserably.

    Mohammad - If Honoka had seen Yamato putting the necklace on Suzuka I think the relationship would be over then and there.

    Where IS Mentar these days? I miss his general presence around my blog.

    Thanks everyone for commenting!

  8. Mentar Says:

    Heh. I was a little bit busy in the last days ;)

    I didn’t comment on 18 because the knowledge of ep19 kinda ties my hand a bit, and I don’t want to spoil. So better don’t get me started. ^_^;;

    Mohammad, you’re welcome! Since we run our own tracker, we dislike single-file torrents. Once SSO is completed, there will be one torrent and that’s it. If you want single files, you can still do that with almost every single bittorrent client in existence.

    Right now I’m encoding Suzuka and CPR for Lunar, Shana for Eclipse and several zx stuff.

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