October 30, 2005

Suzuka 17

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Wow, the animation was really off this time around. Their faces looked practically deformed most of the time. So disappointing..

Go Miki! That’s right Hattori is a big fat hentai! (read: typical teenage boy). This is the first conversation where I thought Yamato was smarter than Hattori. “We have our own pace for these things.” Amen! You don’t need to rush anything! Look you can say smart things! That’s a good boy. *pat pat*

On the Suzuka front: Suzuka overhears Yamato and Honoka. Suzuka sees a chance to walk home alone with Yamato under her umbrella. Miki is like a mosquito that you just can’t slap away, but finally Suzuka gets rid of her, only to lose her nerve and offer Yamato her umbrella while she goes off with Miki instead. Suzuka acts like a typical girl in emotional turmoil and decides to eat cake. Heh.

I really enjoyed the little reality check Nana gave Yamato at the end. He thinks he’s working so hard to be the perfect boyfriend, but he’s not taking any time to actually get to know her better. He doesn’t know when her birthday is, her favourite colour, her favourite song, he doesn’t know what makes her happy or what makes her sad. He really doesn’t know her. But he’s been feeling satisfied with himself this whole time because he thought he was playing the role of boyfriend well.

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  1. crimson Says:

    haha, yeah, i think the faces became a bit crude in about…3 instances.

    other than that, nana’s “slap” in yamato’s face was invaluable for me.

  2. Phoenix512 Says:

    Did you noticed that Suzuka was acting like Yamato when she was doing the waiting game in the rain? Yamato did the exact same thing earlier in the series with Suzuka but the difference between the two was that he look like an idiot doing it compared to Suzuka.

    I think I keep saying this but I don’t noticed these drops of animation quality. It’s probably that I’m so into the story and plot that I don’t really paid that much attention to the animation quality as much.

  3. Mentar Says:

    Since Miki is my favorite character in the show, I’m appalled time and time again how they changed her very _pretty_ look (not just her curves, rather her face) to a very rough and sometimes even crude one. Just look at Ren’s first caption for this episode. My my my…

    So Hattori, the favorite of the Asakomi crowd, has fallen from grace (rightfully so, if I may add). He’s smart, and he did give some good advice and assistance for linking up. But that’s when his usefulness expires and his womanizer instincts become problematic.

    Slight demerits for Honoka. Her achilles heel, the lack of self-confidence, starts to show in some unsightly jealously.

    Well then… time for the trouble to start.

  4. crimson Says:

    the first caption still looks ok since its one of those expression display…there are some parts where u mention things seems to be drawn crudely, those are the problem parts for me :P

  5. Mohammad Says:

    It seems the animation was off for most of the series (^_^;)

    I really enjoyed the scene where Miki literally “bangs some sense into Hattori”. Helarious (^o^)

    I think Nana was a bit too harsh on Yamato. Knowing how stupid Yamato can be, I was surprised when he decided not to sing with Suzuka so as not to hurt Honoka’s feelings. That was extremely thoughtful of him and her deserves praise for that. It’s true that Yamato doesn’t know that much about Honoka but he just started going out with her and these things take time. The real problem is of course the continuous (and annoying) presence of Suzuka near him all the time. She always appears in the worst of times (>_>)

  6. crimson Says:

    Nana wasnt harsh on Yamato. Nana is concerned about Yamato and Honoka :P

    His thoughtfulness for not singing deserves praise indeed. But as highlighted by Nana (as a result of Yamato saying he needs to be someone that wont hurt honoka), his thoughtfulness are based on a very shallow foundation (that is, to behave in a way so as to generate superficial approval from honoka).

    I mean, yeah, he is guinuely concerned about honoka. But what guides his actions is the ‘fear of upsetting’ honoka rather than the ‘desire to show affection’ for honoka.
    I think its just a matter of perspective.
    Like…kill for thrill or kill to defend, if u get what i mean.

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