October 29, 2005

Recent haul

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I’ve finally managed to have a few minutes where I’m not feeling lazy, so I’ve taken some pictures of the DVDs I’ve recently acquired.

First off is my TSRI birthday order, woohoo! My boss generously gave me an $80.00 gift certificate for my birthday and this is what I spent it on:

Birthday Loot!

Kino’s Journey Vol 1 + Artbox
Kino’s Journey Vol 2
Kino’s Journey Vol 3
Kino’s Journey Vol 4
Chobits Vol 1 & 2
Chobits Vol 1 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 1 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 1 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 2 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 2 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 2 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 3 & 4
Chobits Vol 3 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 3 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 3 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 4 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 4 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 4 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 5 & 6
Chobits Vol 5 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 5 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 5 Insert Image Side 2
Chobits Vol 6 Reversible Cover
Chobits Vol 6 Insert Image Side 1
Chobits Vol 6 Insert Image Side 2

My second order was one I made on ADV’s website back in JULY. I had problems placing the order, and then had to wait a million years to get the order, and then one of the DVDs they sent me is wrong and I’m having problems getting them to fix it. Ugh! Never ordering directly from them again. Anyhoo… this time around we have:

Image hosted by

Samurai X - Trust
Samurai X - Betrayal
Generator Gawl

Generator Gawl was sent free with my order. What the heck is it? It looks stupid (probably why it’s free), but I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. (Edit: I watched most of the first episode. Blah animation, blah characters, blah everything. It sucked. But I think I have a table that needs a little propping up…)

And finally, Gankutsuou was released early! Yatta! So Thursday I got my Vol 1 + Artbox and it’s just absolutely stunning. I’m so happy with it. I also got the final two volumes of Chrono Crusade. I’ve already changed them to the reversible covers and I didn’t take pictures of the regular ones, but you can find those anywhere:P.

Image hosted by

Gankutsuou Vol 1 reversible cover
Gankutsuou DVD 1
Gankutsuou Artbox side 1
Gankutsuou Artbox side 2
Gankutsuou Artbox side 3
Chrono Crusade Vol 6 reversible cover
Chrono Crusade Vol 6 insert image
Chrono Crusade Vol 7 reversible cover
Chrono Crusade Vol 7 insert image
Takuhai manga magazine front cover
Takuhai manga magazine back cover

Right now I have Gankutsuou on its reversible cover, just for picture purposes, but I think I’ll change it back to the ultra-cool count cover. Bah, I just can’t decide!

Included in this order was a free copy of Tokyopop’s new magazine called Takuhai. I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet though. Oh, and they also (woohoo go TSRI) sent me a DVD that has the first two episodes of Samurai 7 on it, an episode of Bakuretsu Tenshi, and an episode of Kiddy Grade. It was quite the lovely package!

p.s. this post took me forever, so if you could like… clap for me.. or something, that’d be great. haha.

4 Responses to “Recent haul”

  1. crimson Says:

    omg, at this rate, you’re outnumber my dvd collection :P

    I have about 30-50 titles in dvds. I lost count of the exact number becos a laptop crash from months ago purged everything. My collection has been growing at ultra snail speed after realising my limited drawer space and my new passion in electric guitar :D

    I can imagine the time and effort of referring to the dvds and titles and typing them down and arranging them in the most aesthetic manner and snapping photos and uploading them and to and fro the com and camera and display. Though, thumbs up for that!

    I have always wanted to get generator gawl. It was pretty well rated many many years ago.

  2. Ren Says:

    I’ll mail ya my volume 1. I hated it :-P

    I also have all my dvds catalogued on my computer, and I just did a count and I have 78. Which I’m sure is nothingggggggggg compared to some of the other folks in the anime community. but it’s a start :D hehe.

  3. crimson Says:

    wow, thanks for the generator gawl offer. But, you should keep it. It will be step closer towards having an anime dvd library :P

    Btw, which company does the subtitles for the dvds you’ve ordered so far? Do they also include chinese subtitles?

  4. Mohammad Says:

    The only thing that interests me in Generator Gawl is the great opening “I want out”. The other aspects of the show are not my cup of tea (including the ending).

    I like the nice picture of Bottle Fairy at the top of the site but It’s a bit too bright (the details are obscured). I never thought I would enjoy a show like Bottle Fairy but there are always exceptions. It’s a kind of “feel good” show. By the way, did you check the new and improved version of the Bottle Fairy Opening that Jeff Lawson created?. It’s on the website below under the title “Karma Fairy”:

    I prefer this to the original opening.

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