October 25, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 13

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So I’m still not 100% better, but I’m feeling well enough to blog the final episode of TSR. Plus, I just couldn’t wait to watch it anymore. More screencaps than usual, and I’ll put my writeup in the extended entry.

At the end of the last episode Gauron lead Sousuke to believe that Chidori is dead, which in turn lead Sousuke to commit murder. This wasn’t a routine kill for as he carried out orders. No, this time he was operating on pure blind hatred, rage, and despair. Oh how my heart ached for him.

Chidori’s entrance was hilarious and just so… her. She’s one of those friends that doesn’t sugarcoat anything, she just tells it to you straight. I’ve always loved how she’s not a big fat whimpy damsel in distress. She’s strong and fiesty and speaks her mind. And I think because of this her moments of vulnerability, like when she was being hunted by Xia Yu Lan or trying to confess to Sousuke, all the more poignant.

Gates’ lack of humanity repulses me to the core. What happened to him as a child to make him THIS screwed up? How could he flaunt Xia Yu Lan’s dead body in front of her sister like that? How could he say those horrible things? He’s such a monster.

Oh oh oh and one of my favourite moments in this episode was Sousuke’s conversation with the Arbalest:

Sousuke: “Is it activated now?”

Arbalest: “Affirmative, the Lambda Driver is activated.”

Sousuke: “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What an unreliable piece of equipment.”

Arbalest: “I think so too.”

Sousuke: “Seems like you have a better sense of humour than I do.”

Arbalest: “Affirmative”


What a powerful and intense journey we have been taken on in this series. Sousuke especially has grown by incredible leaps and bounds. I am completely and utterly amazed. When the heck is ADV gonna announce that they’ve licensed this series and start releasing the R1s? I NEED to own this.

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  1. Vlien Says:

    Such a good action from Chidori, still they both can’t say what they are feeling.

    Did you see it? Sousuke almost hugged Chidori :)

    Seeing this ending for TSR is as if there is something more to come in a next season or movie… What are they up to? What do you think? (I’ve heard that the manga is further away with the storyline than the anime. Hmm… Makes me wonder if I should start reading the manga)

  2. Kurgen Says:

    This was absolutely great.I can’t find the prologue or first episode anywhere but have kept up with the rest of this latest FMP series and it is the BEST one yet.I can’t believe some people prefer Dragon Ball stuff and Full Metal Alchemist to this series.FMP has always been leaps and bounds better as far as quality story,manga and anime quality.

    I can’t wait until ADV gets on the ball and starts releasing these. I love ADV’s FMP dub cast, and that’s something i can’t say about many other dubs besides Gantz and a few others.

    I seriously hope they make an FMP movie and think there definitely will be another sequel.

  3. Ren Says:

    Eve-chan – TSR is based on the FMP novels, not manga. They’re available for download.. uhh.. somewhere, but I can’t remember where I got them.

    Kurgen: While I agree with pretty much everything you said, I would never ever ever place Fullmetal Alchemist in the same category as DBZ. I found FMA to be incredibly powerful, well written, and entertaning.

    In any case, I sincerely hope we eventually get to see more FMP animated.

  4. alundra Says:

    Ren i think kugen ment that dbz _AND_ fma cant be compaired to tsr.

    But novel? you mean theres no manga? would sincerely like you to find a link to that novel/manga. :D in two days ive seen both fmp and fmp:tsr (seen fumoffu from before) its like a drug ;D

  5. ripper13 Says:

    When i finished watching TSR in the last scenes of the last ep i had that in the movies when ppl are going to die and their whole life flashes in front of them, well i had sth like that..LOL..every detail came to my mind when Sousuke crashed that sick bastard Gates (who i think played his role VERY good) and his death(if he really died) wasnt quite what he deserved..he should die in pain and suffer a lil bit (i think u all wanted this :D )..anyways TSR left me eager to see what’s next, it was a not so happy end i think..sure we ll see Leonard coming after Chidori,
    and also..why why why didnt he hugged Chidori..

  6. infidel Says:


    this is killing me but whose the person with the black hair that spies on kaname & sousuke at the very end in the last episode?


  7. goonie Says:

    that woman is Wraith, she initially wore a fat man suit and used a voice scrambler

    she’s the other person besides Sousuke who watches Chidori

  8. Mathieu Lebreton Says:

    the Full metal panic is a great anime fun but sad too i have pity for the girl with long blue hair and why it funny becose the boy alway protect her run too the teacher that was funny and she jump out the train he he he cool i will bye someday all collection of that serie

  9. Kimonii Says:

    He didn’t hug her because the others walked in on them and he would have if they were alone…

  10. new_fan_asi Says:

    FMP TSR is really good. Though i HATE Mr. Gates and would like to send him to hell where he belongs. HOW THE F*** COULD HE DO THAT TO XIA YU FAN AND XIA YU LAN???????!!!! Those two were my favorites!!!! It’s fine with me if they died but not in that CRUEL way!!! TT_TT Curse you Gates!!! I hate Leonardo too cuz his the one who killed, though indirectly, Xia Yu Lan.

  11. VanGosroth Says:

    I think gates was an EXCELLENT villain. Best one ever if you ask me. Gates is on the drug that artificially creates the brain environment needed to operate the Lambda Driver. Anyone who saw the first series knows how unstable tht drug makes someone. Behemoth’s pilot almost choked a guy to death because his tie was on crooked… He’s a funny, messed up bad guy who fit his role as an AS execution squad member very well.

  12. Xodion Says:

    The novel translations are available on TSR is based on the FMP novel End Of Day By Day. In the third novel, A Dancing Very Merry Xmas, Sousuke realises he loves Kaname but doesn’t have the courage to tell her, and in the fourth Continuing On My Own, he admits he is attracted to her. But for more you’ll have to read the translations.

  13. kaitokid7 Says:

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    primeir foro en espaƱol de full emtal panic!! visitanos

  14. kenkao7rocks5forever Says:

    oh,, god,, omg.. i have to have this!!! i want this! i read your reviews.. all of your reviews,, and i totally agree with you!

    i just wished they have a kissing scene.. ehehe.

    and chidori rocks! oh, sosuke, he changed … really changed and i liked it, though i really was hurt too with all the confused thought bugging his mind…. awwwwee..

    and they’re both inlove with each other!! it’s obvious..even with sosuke.. *sigh*… XD!!!

    i looovvee it!! i’ll buy one.. i do mean it!!!!!!!

  15. Nique Says:

    I love Chidori and Sousuke I hope that there will be a third raid or something just to continue the show. I want their relationship to improve better!

  16. Slaver` Says:

    enyone knows if there is gonna be third raid some day ? ;) i hope so!

  17. BlackPanther Says:

    There will be indeed another season of FMP just because there is new characters that never show up b4 show up like Mr.Silver aka Leonardo Testarosa..with his two mini AS that was introduced , another reason they ARE and HAVE to continue making because there wasnt much on the Mini AS or who “Wraith” is.

    Anyways FMP is the best..really hope the new season starts soon….cant wait..XD

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