October 16, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 12

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Gates utter lack of humanity is bone chilling. How could he taunt Xia Yu Fang about her sister’s death like that? I would be very interested to know what kind of childhood and upbringing Gates had that contributed to turning him into the monster he is today. Is it weird that as much as I am horrified by him, I also feel really sorry for him? But with only one more episode to go I doubt it’ll happen.

Gah! Gauron is still alive! I certainly didn’t see that coming, and apparently neither did Sousuke. Granted, he’s not exactly in the best shape, but still! It’s noteworthy that after only a couple of minutes with Sousuke even Gauron can tell that he’s not the same man he used to be. He’s become down-right emotional.

“Each Whispered has knowledge inherent to that Whispered alone.” Which is why even though Amalgam has one Whispered in its group - Tessa’s brother, they still have much to gain by capturing Chidori. Finally we are given more knowledge about the Whispered. I wish there was more time to learn even more.

Gauron also remarks that when he first met Sousuke the boy had no fear, no doubts, no thoughts whatsoever about life or death, he just carried out his missions. I believe that throughout the first season of FMP, but especially during this one, we have seen Sousuke grow by leaps and bounds as a character. But it can’t just be described as character development. What Sousuke has been on has been a journey towards becoming human. A human with wants, needs, hopes, fears, and dreams; with all of our frailties and uncertainties, but also the ability to draw upon courage and strength in spite of these so-called weaknesses of human flesh. A line from one of my favourite books comes to mind: “How can I become human, and stay human?” This to me is a picture of Sousuke’s journey so far.

One final note: Tessa deserves an Academy Award for her beautiful defence of Sousuke as well as her own self.

One episode to go, and with how this one ended that’s sooo not fair.

5 Responses to “Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 12”

  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    I already guessed that Gauron would be alived from the Prologue and was even confirmed earlier when the twins talked about their “sensei.” I really agreed about Sousuke as he became more human throughout the series compared to the robot in the beginning. I also loved Tessa owning the First Officer about Sousuke.

  2. Stripey Says:

    I can’t wait for you to see ep 13. A befitting end to the very excellent series that FMP TSR is. :)

  3. Ren Says:

    Oh man, I so want to see it but I’ve been putting it off until I feel better. I want to give it the attention and writeup it deserves. But ohhhh the temptation..

  4. Stripey Says:

    oops shouldn’t have tempted you.. :P Indeed, TSR 13 is certainly deserving of your undivided focus and should only be viewed when you are well. :) I guess this is a great impetus for you to rest well and get well. :) Be praying for a swift recovery for you too! :)

  5. newguy Says:

    where can i get a copy of full metal panic! the second raid? i only have the first 3DVD set please somone heh… =)

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