October 15, 2005

Basilisk 18

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Kunichiyo has been poisoned and his mama aint too happy about it, obviously. She wants to go to Sunpu but is stopped for the moment.

There’s a brief showdown between Koshiro/Gennosuke/Kagero, but Hyouma steps in and tells Kagero to take Gennosuke and run. Hyouma tries to use his power on Koshiro but it doesn’t work since Koshiro is still blind from Gennosuke’s attack.

We get to see how Hyouma and Gennosuke first meet, and whatddya know, they’re related - Hyouma is his uncle! I didn’t think Hyouma was that much older than Gennosuke. Anyway, Hyouma was the one who trained Gennosuke how to use his ninja art and who also instilled in him the idea of peace between the clans. These flashback scenes made me like Hyouma much more than I have up to this point. I never disliked him, in fact I don’t think I thought much about him at all, but now I think he’s awesome.

I just got home from a sleepover and I’m pooped. Too much food + too little sleep = need for nap. So off I go.

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  1. kawaii Says:

    I was also surprised that Hyouma was Gennosuke’s uncle! It seems like Oboro and Gennosuke so far have been the only two characters to have aged - everyone else seems to have stayed the same. Hyouma is awesome, though, and so patient with the young Gennosuke!

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