September 20, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 8

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The animation continues to astound. The plane at the beginning of the ep looked freaking real.

We meet a new character, Lieutenant Grouseaux. (His hair is stupid, btw) And um, he’s not very good at making friends. But he’s pretty perceptive, so I can’t hate him.

Tessa obviously feels bad about what’s happening to Sousuke, but I guess she has to do what she has to do, and her decisions aren’t completely her own. She also has people to answer to. Add in her personal feelings and you’ve got one complicated situation.

When Sousuke enters her office he makes a forced effort to be his usual order-taking, emotionless soldier self. He tries so hard to keep his cool but this is one situation in which he can’t stop his emotions from getting the better of him. This is a marked difference from the Sousuke we first met, and a sign of character development.

As usual, I can’t wait for the next episode. I can’t BELIEVE this season is only going to be 13 eps. That’s a sin against humanity! How can they possibly tell everything in just 5 more episodes?? Aggghhhh. I’m so disappointed.

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  1. David Says:

    Whoa, are you sure that this season is only slated for 13 episodes? It seems like such a travesty to stop so soon, given the superb character development T_T

    Just as a side note, I really like Lieutenant Grouseaux, since seems like the first feasible role model for Sousuke (presented so far) — I really hope he isn’t horrifically killed by the end of the season (fingers crossed ^^)

  2. Ren Says:

    Yep, unfortunately Omni over at Random Curiosity read on FMP’s site that 13 is the end. A travesty indeed..

    I think Lieutenant Grouseaux will be a great character, I just also think he needs to work on his people skills :P

  3. Mohammad Says:

    When a corny show like Doraemon lasts for more than 2000 episodes while a masterpiece like Full Metal Panic TSR only lasts for 13 episodes, you have to start asking questions about the state of the anime industry. Those people have to start rethinking their priorities.

  4. Mentar Says:

    Ah, no problem with the 13 eps. It means that I now know where they’re gonna end the story, and it’s a gonna be a GREAT and extremely satisfying final :)

    With the obvious success of TSR, I’m pretty certain that they’re gonna continue with a third season not too soon thereafter.

  5. Ren Says:

    A third season? Huzzah! Then I can be happy with 13 eps. Heh.

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  7. ayaHIME Says:

    Hope that there will be kissing since betwen souske and chidori(how romantic)
    i hope also that souske can express his feelings towards chidori

  8. rainy Says:

    Is Full Metal Panic TSR 13 ending? I Hope Chidori and Sousuke kiss to… is really have FMP 3rd :( make it finish ok… more romantic and funny….

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