September 3, 2005

Basilisk 16

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Well it was wonderful to see some of our fallen heros again. Even more wonderful that we got a chance to see them interacting with each other before everything went to hell. Jousuke is his typical lecherous self. Okoi is as fiesty and uh.. voluptuous as ever. I was incredibly humoured by the fishing scene where Shogen used his ninja powers to do something as mundane as fishing. Nenki and Rousai trying to scare Oboro so her hiccups would go away had me practically rolling on the floor. Too bad it didn’t work. lol.

Ahhh the moments between Yashamaru and Hotarubi are at the same time touching and heart wrenching. To see them so in love and to know that that they were not able to continue that in life and to grow old together brings tears to my eyes.

And what can I say about chibi Oboro and Gennosuke except that they are so frickin adorable that I want to squish them both. :| SQUISH THEM!! Oboro is kawaii because of her innocence and playfullness. Gennosuke because he’s so wittle and yet already trying to be so serious and grown up. *Pinches chibi-Genno’s cheeks* Awwww look at how cute you are. You’re cute. Yes you are, yes you are. (Bahaha, I used to be a nanny and would do that to kids when they were feeling sad. Scared?? Heee hee)

The most serious and interesting part of the episode, for me, was Gennosuke’s first encounter with Oboro’s power. They were both taken by surprise and immobilized. He because of the power itself, she because she has yet to control it.

All in all, a great episode! Among other things, we get to see that Gennosuke has desired peace between the clans from the start. And that Tenzen has always been a calculating and cold. Can’t wait for ep 17.

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  1. Mohammad Says:

    Chibi Oboro playing with Tenzen’s hair…priceless ^_^

    I wonder if we will get an episode about how Koga and Iga ninjas got their special powers? We only have 8 episodes left.

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