September 1, 2005

Looty Mc Looterson

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My latest order from Rightstuf came today: The Witch Hunter Robin Complete Collection. It’s six dvds in one box that’s made to look like a book. As a little extra you get three collector pins inside a cute little cofffin box.. lol. I also took a bike ride down to Comics America and picked up an ultra kawaii Chii figure.

4 Responses to “Looty Mc Looterson”

  1. Phoenix512 Says:

    The Witch Hunter Robin set looks pretty cool. I actually had the box along with the first DVD that came with a T-shirt, the OST, and a shot glass. The shot glass was so worth the buy.

  2. Ren Says:

    Yeah it’s a really awesome looking set. I like the art on the case that holds the dvds. Nice throughout. Unfortunately the outer case that’s makes it look like a book was slightly damaged. So I’m disappointed about that, but happy with the purchase nonetheless.

  3. Bravejaf Says:

    Yeah I love when companies release a cool boxset, after all the DVDs have been released individually. Especially when I buy all the DVDs right away at full price and get less cool stuff. Nowadays I just collect 3-4 must see series and wait for boxes on other titles. WHR and Boogiepop are two reasons why.

  4. Wongie Says:

    Oh wow, I’ve been wondering what the boxset looks like inside and out, especially since most websites only show a tiny picture of the front cover… but now I know!! :D

    I got WHR Volume 1 w/ artbox and goodies from RightStuf on their deals, only problem is that when you buy those Vol 1 DVD’s w/ Artbook deals they suck you into buying the rest! Then they release these boxed sets! Damn those companies and their marketing!

    Anyway, nice one for the pictures… now I have to buy it T_T

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