July 16, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 1

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The Op:


Love it. Adore it. When is it being released so I can have it? I’m glad they brought back Shimokawa Mikuni to sing both the op and ed. She’s got a fabulous voice.

I’m not gonna do an incredibly in depth synopsis because when I watch FMP I usually end up staring and drooling and forgetting to type (especially when Sousuke is on screen… hehe).

A civil war is raging in Taboi city as the Balic government and an anti-government group fight against each other. Many innocent civilians have been injured. Captain Maless rounds up a group of civilians. A man steps forward and begs for mercy on their behalf. But the captain shoots him and orders his men to kill the rest.

However, Mithril shows up and starts kicking some major ass. They bring in some helicopters to rescue the civilians, but a missle takes down one of them before they can land, even though all the choppers were cloaked with the ECS.

Sousuke breaks away from the rest of the group to go find the anti-aircraft missile, telling them not to worry, he’ll be ok - he’s got homework to hand in tomorrow so he can’t die. He finds it, destroys it, and Mao and Kurz escort the helicopters to safety.

But there’s no time to go back for Sousuke so he has to secure his own escape route. More and more enemy units surround him. Not looking good. But Tessa comes and saves the day!

Sousuke studies for a history test even though he hates history. He goes to school the next day and Chidori screams at him for forgetting her notes on the submarine. Ahh business as usual between our star-crossed lovers.

On Merida Island Tessa, Commander Kalinin and Tessa’s first officer meet to discuss the anti-ECS missiles that took down one of the helicopters during the fight. A weapon like this in enemy hands is a bad thing. Worse still because they have no idea what group would have the technology and funds to build such things.



Another gorgeous song by Shimokawa Mikuni accompanied by simple but pretty images.

Man, what a great first episode! The animation was stunning. The action was intense. I love the interactions between the characters. I’m so drooling over here. I’ve been looking forward to The Second Raid for months and I nearly peed my pants when I saw that the first episode was finally subbed. Maybe they’ll answer some of the questions that were left in the first season. I hope so. But what I want even more is for there to be some development in the Sousuke/Chidori romance department.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid is the series that has me most excited this season. I hope it doesn’t get licensed *too* quickly, though it undoubtedly will.

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  1. kawaii Says:

    I tried watching FMP a few years back but didn’t really get into it. However, I decided to give it a another shot last night, and I was completely blown away by just the first episode alone! I guess my tastes have drastically improved. And you’re right — Sousuke IS dreamy. =)

    I can’t wait to finish the first 26 episodes so that I can continue watching the second raid. :)

  2. Ren Says:

    Yay, someone else to drool over Sousuke with me :D ! You and I are kindred spirits Kawaii. heh.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the series now. I really love it (and have the complete box set to prove it), even with some of the unanswered questions they leave us.

  3. kawaii Says:

    Yes we are indeed, Ren. :)

    I watched up to ep #4 last night, and I’m sooo looking forward to watching the next four eps today. I love shows that are so addictive that you can’t enough of it, and FMP is definitely one of them.

  4. Mentar Says:

    Uh oh… they listed the episode as “The end of days”. I guess this means that they plan to incorporate the FMP novel “The end of days” in the show - at least partly - and this means some really really tough stuff. Almost surprises me a bit…

    If they really go for the novel, FMP TSR will get pretty dark.

  5. Ren Says:

    Really Mentar? I still have to get the novels from that site you gave me. I think I’d like it if they went the “dark” route, as I’m usually more drawn to serious series that deal with hard issues than silly ones. (Though sometimes ya just need silly and cute too)

  6. ricenoodles Says:

    I had a feeling the opening and ending themes were similar to the oriinal FMP. Loved the first episode. I’m a big fan of this series. I also hope they take the more “dark” route.
    By the way, what novels are these exactly?

  7. Kinoo no Shinbun Says:

    Hmhm.. Got me hooked, again, since the first episode..

    Expecting a lot of this villain (just like those twins). Episode 3 promises a lot so..

  8. gi Says:

    buajajajajaja i never have tiers on an anime but thise one makes me cry more than the muvie my name is same or i am same somthing like that thise was so dramatic seriei i have soun oll the episodes but even that way i love to read about them on your sait, you do a good job thise Sousuke is just an awsome character xo sousukeeee!!!!!!!! DX

  9. sosukana Says:

    Souske is hot but yah, he’s only a peice of paper in real life! :( only problem with anime crushes!

  10. keke adachi Says:

    souske is so hot! ahhh dreamy, anywho, you girls/ guys (whatever) can get in on FREE EPISODES! I got limewire and I saw second raid before LOTS of people! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE SOUSKE IN ACTION FO FREE, go to and get it, i love to watch anime with it :) SOUSKE! and umm if sosukana is here, yes you are right, souske is sadly just a peice of paper, yet a dreamy on indeed

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