July 1, 2005

Futago Hime 5

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Today it’s time for the second princess party and Camelot is deteremined to have Fine and Rain come home winners. However, the princesses have already left for the Flame Kingdom before she can give them any of her advice and training.

On the way there Rain daydreams about Prince Bright, while Fine daydreams about… food. Out of our two main characters I think I identify more with Fine. Put a cute guy and a chocolate bar in front of me, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’d head for the chocolate first - and it doesn’t even matter that I’m hypoglycemic and can’t have sugar. ^_^

Back to the princess party - the contest this time is for the most beautifully adorned princess. Aren’t our girls lucky that they were given the decor maker in episode 4? When the ultra chibi and kawaii princesses from the seed kingdom express worry that their jewels made from nuts are sadly lacking in the midst of all the glittering jewels around them, Fine and Rain come to the rescue and make beautiful necklaces for them with the decor maker.

But thennnnnnn, Altessa’s necklace is stolen and she accuses the princesses from the seed kingdom. Uck, Altessa. Her attitude is as bloated and unclassy as her hair.

Fine and Rain transform, use their wands, and the search for Altessa’s jewel begins in an attempt to clear the name of the seed kingdom princesses. Eventually it’s found - taken by a fire bird that’s attracted to shiney red objects - and the party continues.

And the winners? None other than the tiny princesses from the seed kingdom. Yatta!! I think they’re my favourite, though Princess Miruro from the water drop kingdom is ultra kawaii too. I’ll have to wait and see more of her personality before I decide. :)

Even though Fine and Rain didn’t win, their princess level still went up. They’ve reached the gold level, which means they’re bona fide chika-chika princesses. (whatever that means)

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