June 1, 2005

Basilisk 7

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Okoi gets interrogated about each of the Kouga ninjas and what their techniques are, but she refuses to give in no matter how she is threatened. (Ok, she’s not even allowed to go to the bathroom. That’s just evil!!!!!!!)

I really like Okoi. She’s gutsy. I especially liked how she made fun of Rousai’s stupid eggplant shaped head. Rousai’s comeback was super lame. “It’s filled with grudges against the Kouga.” Blah blah blah. But man, Okoi’s attack of draining the blood right out of people is flat nasty. I literally went ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as I watched it. Power to the woman though. Down goes conehead!

Hotarubi sees “Yashamaru” (It’s really Zaemon) as he heads toward the Iga camp. She’s really out of it, and looks like she took Yashamaru’s death very hard.She drops her weapons and stumbles towards him. then runs at him, with tears falling from her eyes. A bittersweet scene really as she’s obviously relieved because she thinks he’s alive. How much harder will it be for her when she finds out the truth?
The snake on her shoulder knows that something isn’t right attacks “Yashamaru”. Hotarubi hurls the snake away and then proceeds to suck the poison from the wound on his finger.

I wonder if Yashamaru’s death made her crazy, or if she was crazy from the start, because she expressed way too much pleasure at the thought of how she dealt the finishing blow “again and again” to Shogen. *Shudder* I think she’s my favourite. What can I say, I indentify with the crazies.

Back to Okoi, who is still in the salt storage room. Rousai is dead and she’s about to leave when she hears someone approach. She hides Rousai’s body and quickly pretends to still be tied up. Ugly warty face man comes in looking for Rousai and sees Okoi. She pretends to cry and begs him to kill her. She claims to have been raped by Rousai. THEN Wartmonger decides he will rape her too, which drummed up all sorts of homicidal urges in me. Luckily Okoi took care of business so I don’t have to.

No ewww this time when she used her blood draining attack. My reaction went more like, “GOOD OKOI. KILL THAT NASTY BAD MAN.” He so freaking deserved it.

We end with Oboro meeting with Tenzen, who FINALLY tells her that the peace treaty has been broken! YAY!!! Now things should get very very interesting.

4 Responses to “Basilisk 7”

  1. Kabitzin Says:

    I was really happy that Okoi turned out to have a cool ability. It was so disappointing to see her captured so easily before, but this episode made it clear why she is one the 10 on the list. When it comes to ninjas, it takes all times!

    I do wonder if Okoi always has to puke afterwards, or only when she blood-drains dudes with weird big heads…

  2. Kabitzin Says:

    Er, “takes all types”…. T__T

  3. Ren Says:

    I think the puking, if I recall correctly, had something to do with his blood specifically. She made a comment, but I can’t remember it right now.

    Okoi is definitely my favourite Kouga so far. Hotarubi is my favourite Iga, because she’s mysterious.. and NUTS.

  4. Ken Says:

    Okoi was really cool and i was kinda surprised on how good she was considering the fact that iga had captured her quite easily. Though i was disappointed when she drained the life out of the old geezer…hehe. I’m rooting for the Iga clan so i find it rather sad to watch anyone of them die. XD

    When Yashamaru (my fave from the Iga) or “Zaemon” approached Hotarubi, I was practically yelling! “No! That’s not him! ah!’ T-T I didn’t want to see Hotarubi get inti a mess! Sigh…

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