May 25, 2005

Basilisk 6

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The Iga ninjas decided to kill Gennosuke since the Kouga now know of their actions.

They stumble upon Okoi and watch her from the bushes, then surround her. Tenzen slyly gets her to tell them her name so he can determine if she’s one of the ninjas on the scroll. When they find out she is, Nenki goes after her (using his hair in a very George of the Jungle type way), captures her, and they imprison her at the Iga camp for interrogation later.

Back at the Kouga camp, there’s some disagreement over how to handle the situation. Gyoubu wants to attack the Iga, but Hyouma disagrees and says that they will investigate them instead as Hyouma suspects that the peace treaty has been broken.

Later on it is confirmed that the peace treaty has indeed been broken, and two of the Kouga (Gyoubu and another guy whose name escape me at the moment) plan to sneak into the Iga camp to tell Gennosuke the news and save him from the Iga.

Again we go back to the Iga camp, where Gennosuke and Oboro are visiting Ogen’s garden. Oboro tells Gennosuke that the scout she sent out came back reporting that everyone is fine, but Gennosuke still seems worried.

We later find out that all of the people that Oboro would possibly choose as scouts were “warned beforehand.”

Interesting episode. The animation quality was definitely better than in ep 5, though still lacking in some spots. I know I skipped over a lot of stuff that went on, but I’m just not very good at writing play-by-plays :P .

I’m still very much enjoying Basilisk, though I hope Gennosuke and Oboro being in the dark about the peace treaty doesn’t last too much longer. AND! I want to know if Gennosuke really does love her or if he’s just using her.

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