May 23, 2005

Basilisk 5

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We start off at the Kouga camp. At Danjou Kouga’s mansion Hyouma, Gyobu and Kagero meet and discuss Gennosuke’s absence. Kagero is visibly upset that he’s been gone so long and worries about him being in the Iga camp.

Hyouma basically tells her to knock it off and states that Gennosuke’s decision will benefit them in the long run. Gyobu doesn’t believe that Hyouma is as confident in Gennosuke as he claims and Hyouma admits that he’s not entirely convinced but wants to believe in Gennosuke.

Then Kagero says something very interesting, ” for a peace that nobody desires, he’s with a girl he doesn’t even like.”

Kagero then expresses a desire to kill Oboro, as she is the head of the Iga. But I wonder if that’s her only reason for wanting Oboro dead..

After some deliberation they decide to send someone to check on Gennosuke, and an mannish woman named Okoi is given the job.

Back at the Iga camp, Gennosuke wonders where Jousuke is. Akeginu tells Oboro and Gennosuke that Jousuke kept coming to her room during the night, and that she told him she’s “not into fat people” and that he got upset and ran off.

A group of the Iga ninjas go to the Kouga camp to take them by surprise, but they are detected and the Kouga are ready for them before they get there.

They’re surrounded by the kouga, Tenzen tells the Kouga that they are messengers that Gennosuke sent from the Iga camp. But the Kouga are not quick to believe them, and they are ordered by be arrested.

A big brawl breaks out, with the Iga group kicking some serious ass and sending the blood a-flyin.

One of the Iga, I can’t remember his name right now makes a “high speed wind vacuum” that makes people’s heads explode!!!

Hyouma shows up and abruptly stops the fight. Tenzen maintains that they only fought in self defense, but then declares that if the Kougra try to come to Iga and get revenge, they’ll kill Gennosuke.

Back to Iga..,

Gennosuke and Oboro visit Ogen’s garden. He asks her to send a messenger to Kouga to make sure that Jousuke is ok. Oboro remembers what she saw the other night. It’s been a while since I saw episode four… does she know that he’s dead or does she only suspect it? I can’t remember. In the end, Oboro promises to send a messenger right away.

Great episode, though the animation was of far lower quality than usual. FAR lower. I hope this doesn’t continue.

The tension continues to build. I wonder how much longer we will have to wait until all bets are off and Gennosuke and Oboro find out that their people are killing each other.

I also am curious about Kagero’s comment. Does Gennosuke actually love Oboro, or is he using her? I certainly hope it’s the former.

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  1. chi Says:

    Hotarubi kicks some serious A**, I think Yasha is so amazingly hot, so it sucks to see hime go, Rock on Hotarubi, you’ll meet him soon.

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