May 20, 2005

Futago Hime 1 & 2

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(Caps are only from ep 2)

Ok, I’ve put this off way too long so I’m just gonna chug through it even though I have a million others things to do that I should be focusing on.

Two words describe this series: SUPER CUTE!!

When Matthew started gushing about this series I basically ignored him :P . I’m not usually drawn to cutesy series, and usually gravitate towards stuff that is a bit more serious or has the potential for a deep and moving storyline. But he kept gushing, so much so that he took it upon himself to sub the first two episodes himself. Even though I didn’t have any interest in the series I helped out with distroing the eps.

And then I was sitting here one day and figured since they were sitting on my hard drive I might as well give them a shot.

And now.. I want more!! The princesses are soooooooooo kawaii. I want to hug them and squish them! Hehe. And even if the story is simplisitic, it’s still just plain fun to watch. I encourage everyone to check Futago Hime out. You might get a few cavaties, but they’ll be well worth it.

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